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Public Server Sky (a.k.a. Public Server 7 or PS7) is the 7th public Gamemode 4 server to give fans of Gamemode 4 a vanilla survival server to play with Gamemode 4's many modules (a list of this server's included modules is provided below). The server officially opened on 9 April 2021.

All players are expected to know and abide by a set of rules listed on the official Gamemode 4 website. Failure to do so could result in punishment.

Player Ranks

There are four player ranks on the server. Ranks are not progression-based, nor do ranks confer additional survival features.

  •  Donor  - Donors have a gold-coloured name. One-time donors receive this rank for a month, patrons (pledged via Patreon) of the server have the rank until the end of their patronage. Donors can nickname themselves with the command /nick [name], reset with /resetnick, and their real usernames can be found with /realname [nickname].
  •  S Staff  - Indicated by a green "S" in front of their names, they are on the Gamemode 4 Staff team, but do not have additional powers on the server.
  •  M Moderator  - Indicated by a red "M" in front of their names, Moderators can check for griefers and thieves on a server, teleport to players in need, and rollback damage. These are assigned by the Admins.
  •  M System Admin  - Indicated by a green "M" in front of their names, they can do everything the Moderators can do but also help with the upkeep of the server.
  •  A Admin  - Indicated by a red "A" in front of their aqua-coloured names, Admins are responsible for the running of the server. They have operator permissions, and can add, modify, or remove Gamemode 4 modules.


Public Server Sky has two known spawn towns: Flowertown -3881 68 -1801, and Jungletown -4002 65 3225. The world has normal, vanilla terrain generation, with an additional dimension: the Sky Dimension. This server disables and modifies of certain vanilla recipes, such as Eyes of Ender and Netherite Ingots. The Sky Dimension's Sky Weather brings Gilded Zombies, which spawn throughout the night, can be cured, and traded for Eyes of Ender and Netherite Ingots using Stardust.

Prior to its opening, two images were teased under the Twitter accounts, Public Server Enthusiast and GM4 Enthusiast. These images have been turned into map arts and are acquirable on Public Server Sky. The full dimensions of the spawn town map arts are 2x3.


Flowertown is a flourishing town located in the far north of the map, at -3880, -1800.


Installed Modules

Below is a list of the known modules installed on PS Sky. Related expansions can be found under their base module.

Installed Modules Pre-Generated
Apple Trees Display Frames Tinkering Compressors
Bat Grenades Enchantment Extractors Orb of Ankou Tunnel Bores
End Fishing Pig Tractors Undead Players
Block Compressors Ender Hoppers Potion Swords Vertical Rails
Book Binders Everstone Relocators Weighted Armour
Boots of Ostara Heart Canisters XP Storage
Chairs Holographic Tags Smelteries Zauber Cauldrons
Cozy Campfires Ink Spitting Squid Spawner Minecarts Ziprails
Crossbow Cartridges Lightning Rods Speed Paths
Sunken Treasure
Desire Lines mcpeachpies' multiplayer sleeping Teleportation Anchors

Seed Random Values

Some modules have values that are randomized by the world's seed. Listed below are these random values of the PS Sky world.

Seed Random Values
Module(s) Type Value(s)
Zauber Cauldrons and
Spawner Minecarts
Normal Flowers

Poisonous Flowers
Zauber Cauldrons Wormhole in a Bottle
Orb of Ankou Soul Shard Creation
Fusing Ritual

Significant Dates and Moments

Date Moment
21 Mar 2021 Public Server 6 closes.
31 March 2021 Public Server 10 Open Beta opened.
1 Apr 2021 Public Server Sky is announced, originally under the name "Public Server".
2 April 2021 Public Server 10 Open Beta closed.
9 April 2021 Public Server Sky opens.
10 April 2021 The Sky Dimension is discovered.
22 May 2021 The End is opened and the Ender Dragon was defeated.
24 June 2021 June monthly event: Stack Attack returns.
24 July 2021 July monthly event: 4th Electric Sparks Awards
26th September 2021 Public Server Sky Closure Announced
23rd October 2021 Public Server Sky closes