Sky Dimension

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Sky Dimension

Module TypeStand Alone
Created byBloo, BluePsychoRanger, Misode, TheEpyonProject and ToffeeMax
Complementary ModulesBeehive Inspector, Metallurgy, Potion Liquids
Compatible MC Versions1.16

The Sky Dimension is a module that adds a dimension above the Overworld with terrain generation custom to the dimension.



Any entity that is above Y=280 in the Overworld will be teleported to Y=0 of the Sky Dimension. Any entity that is below Y=-1 in the Sky Dimension will be teleported to Y=260 of the Overworld. The Sky Dimension data pack provides two ways of obtaining levitation to get to the top of the Overworld: Beeloons and Sky Lens.


The Sky Dimension has completely custom biomes. Each floating island is a separate biome, separated by void biomes. In all non-void biomes Creepers, Endermen, Skeletons, Spiders, and Zombies can spawn.

In the void biomes, no mobs spawn. The only blocks in the void biome are large clouds made of cobwebs.

Anakiwa Gardens
Anakiwa Gardens

Anakiwa Gardens

The Anakiwa Gardens contains blue-green foliage and flowery landscapes containing birch balloon trees and boulders. Peonies, pink tulips, red tulips, lilies of the valley, alliums, and blue orchids can be found in this biome. In this biome, sheep and chickens can spawn.

Aquamarine Hills and Forest
Aquamarine Hills and Forest

Aquamarine Hills / Aquamarine Forest

The Aquamarine biomes contain aqua foliage; the Aquamarine Hills contain rolling hills with scarce slim oak trees, surrounding the occasional Aquamarine Forest, which has an abundance of slim oak trees. Pumpkin patches can generate in the hills, while ferns and sweet berry bushes can generate in the forests. Azure bluets can be found both aquamarine biomes. In these biomes, sheep and chickens can spawn, but in the forests, foxes can spawn as well.

Calcic Corrasion and Dunes
Calcic Corrasion and Dunes

Calcic Corrasion / Calcic Dunes

The Calcic Corrasion and Dunes are a wasteland covered in dust and littered with fossils. Patches of light gray concrete powder and dusty oak trees can be found throughout the corrasion. Very occasional pumpkin patches can generate in the dunes. In these biomes, skeleton horses and silverfish can spawn along with the normal monsters.

Carnation Grove and Plateau
Carnation Grove and Plateau

Carnation Grove / Carnation Plateau

The Carnation biomes contain pink, flowery landscapes with tall plateaus containing dark umbrella trees and boulders. Lilacs, pink tulips, alliums, and cornflowers can be found in these biomes. Additionally, lakes with sugar cane can generate in these carnation biomes. In these biomes, sheep and chickens can spawn.

Frosted Floe and Stratum
Frosted Floe and Stratum

Frosted Floe / Frosted Stratum

The frosted biomes are covered with snow and ice. Icy pools and snow layers can be found around the Frosted Floe, while piles of colored concrete powder can be found on the tops of the Frosted Stratum. The Frosted Stratum has layers of blue, cyan, light gray, gray, white, and light blue concrete. Both biomes have ore patches of red, orange, yellow, green, and lime concrete. In this biome, 80% of skeleton spawn attempts are replaced with stray spawn attempts.

Perfume Forest and Mountains
Perfume Forest and Mountains

Perfume Forest / Perfume Mountains

The Perfume biomes contain purple foliage with birch and oak trees. Azure bluets, alliums, poppies, and cornflowers can be found in these biomes and pumpkin patches can generate in the Perfume Forest. Additionally, lakes with sugar cane can generate in these perfume biomes. In this biome, sheep and chickens can spawn.

Sulu Thicket
Sulu Thicket

Sulu Thicket

The Sulu Thicket contains lush green foliage and tall umbrella oak trees and huge dark oak trees covered in vines. Floating shroomlight lanterns are found throughout this biome. Pink tulips, red tulips, and white tulips can be found in this biome. Additionally, patches of coarse dirt and podzol can generate in this biome, along with lakes. In this biome, sheep and chickens can spawn.

Turquoise Meadows
Turquoise Meadows

Turquoise Meadows

The Turquoise Meadows contains turquoise foliage and tall umbrella spruce trees. Lilacs and white tulips can be found in this biome. Occasional lakes can also be found in the Turquoise Meadows, as well as scattered twisting vines and quartz pillar ruins. In this biome, sheep and chickens can spawn.

Vitreous Sands
Vitreous Sands

Vitreous Sands

The Vitreous Sands are a desert, with sandstone completely replacing the stone all other islands have. Tall Cacti and dead bushes are common in the Vitreous Sand. Patches of magma blocks and basalt can also be found in this biome, along with sharp rocks made of white, orange, yellow, light gray, and gray stained glass. In this biome, blazes can spawn along with the normal monsters, and 80% of zombie spawn attempts are replaced with husk spawn attempts.

Carnation Grove Sky Tower
Sky Tower in the Carnation Grove
Frosted Floe Grove Sky Tower
Sky Tower in the Frosted Floe

Sky Towers

Sky Towers can generate with various number of configurations. Every tower has 3 sections, a bottom, middle, and top. There are loot chests in each section, with increasingly valuable loot as one climbs up the tower. At the bottom section, there is a single monster spawner and a few chests. Additionally, the outside of the tower has shulkers[1] surrounding the bottom of the tower. At the middle section, there are one or two monster spawners and a few chests. At the top section of a tower, there are the best loot chests, but also skeleton guards with punch bows and poison arrows.

Monster Spawners

There are six types of monster spawners that can spawn inside a tower: Airy Stray, Cloud Zombie, Vex, Sky Illusioner, Zombie, and Skeleton. Airy Strays, Cloud Zombies, and Sky Illusioners spawners have a high chance to appear, while Vex, Zombie, and Skeleton spawners are rarer.

Airy Stray

Airy Strays are strays with levitation arrows. When shot by an Airy Stray, the player will get Levitation IV for 3 seconds. When killed, Airy Strays can drop bones and Arrows of Floating. Arrows of Floating can only be obtained from a player kill.

Cloud Zombie

Cloud Zombies are zombies with Thorns armor. Cloud Zombies have perpetual Slow Falling and cannot take damage. When killed, Cloud Zombies can drop rotten flesh, gold ingots, and feathers. Gold ingots and feathers can only be obtained from a player kill.

Sky Illusioner

Sky Illusioners carry a flame bow. They will perform attacks that normal illusioners will perform. When killed, Sky Illusioners can drop golden carrots, long invisibility potions, long night vision potions, blindness lingering potions, and Phantom bait.

Carnation Grove Sky Fountain
Sky Fountain in the Carnation Grove

Sky Fountains

Sky Fountains can generate with a various sizes. Most fountains have a loot chest with a random assortment of items.

Expansion Packs

The Sky Dimension data pack come packaged with several expansion packs to create a more immersive dimension.


Beeloons grant the player Slow Falling and Levitation by leashing bees. This can be used to reach the top of the overworld to enter the Sky Dimension. Leashing 5 or more bees will give the player levitation. Holding a flower will cause the bees to fly downwards, giving the player slow falling.

Phantom Boss

The Colossal Phantom is the boss mob of the Sky Dimension. It can be summoned in the Sky Dimension using Phantom Bait and drops the Sky Lens when killed. The Sky Lens allows beacon beams to acts as a levitation ray, allowing players and mobs to easily gain levitation. Summoning the Colossal Phantom requires at least 10 Phantom Bait. There are 5 phases of the boss battle of increasing difficulty.

Sky Mobs

Sky Mobs changes how mobs spawn and act in the Sky Dimension. Monsters spawn with different equipment and behaviors, but cannot spawn under blocks in the Sky Dimension. Instead of Phantoms, insomniacs summon neutral Vexes that will pester the player, but will not harm the player unless hurt by a player. Additionally, Cats in the Sky Dimension will give different gifts to their owner when they sleep.

Sky Weather

Sky Weather showers the Sky Dimension with frequent falling stars, including a special item that can be used for trading with Gilded Magesmiths and Sky Wandering Traders.

Stardust from falling stars is used as a currency for the Sky Dimension. Sky Wandering Traders will trade the player Stardust for rare and otherwise unobtainable items such as Enchanted Golden Apples, Coral, Pigstep, Unbreaking V Gold Armor, Looting III Axes, etc. Additionally, the crafting recipes of ender eyes and netherite ingots have been moved to trading with Gilded Magesmiths. Ender eyes and Netherite ingots will require Stardust as an intermediate ingredient.


Advancement Requirement
It's like "Up" except with bees
Leash at least 5 bees at the same time and get the levitation effect.
Zombie..? Doctor
Release a Gilded Magesmith from his curse
Cure a Gilded Magesmith
What's Up Here?
Reach the Sky Dimension
Be in the Sky Dimension
Sky Dimension
Advancement Requirement
Sky Dimension
A long way from Kansas
Be in Sky Dimension
What a Strange Offering!
Be presented with an unusual extradimensional creature
Have a cat bring you an Aetherpuff as a gift from sleeping
Sky-ventures! 0/14
Explore all sky biomes
Enter each (non-void) biome at least once
The Tower of Mystical Beings
Break into a Sky Tower
Enter a tower in the Sky Dimension
Taste of Your Own Medicine
Kill an Airy Stray with an arrow of floating
Deliver the final blow to an Airy Stray using an arrow of floating
Sky High Jackpot
Retrieve the best loot from the Sky Towers
Open a chest at the top segment of a tower
That's a Big Bird!
Summon the Colossal Phantom
Use Phantom Bait to summon the Colossal Phantom
Is the Nightmare Over?
Defeat the Colossal Phantom
Deal the killing blow to a Colossal Phantom
Beam Me Up Scotty!
Semi-funny blurb about GM4
Stand in the beam of a beacon powered with a Sky Lens
It's What We're Made Of
Obtain Stardust from a meteor shower
Have Stardust in the inventory
Glittery Goodness
Use Stardust to make a trade
Make a trade using Stardust
Did You Misclick?
This shovel has to be good... right?
Buy a normal diamond shovel from a Sky Wandering Trader


Version Date Change
1.16 10 Apr 2021 Beta version released on Public Server
  1. These shulkers do not drop any loot upon death.