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Custom Crafters

Module TypeLibrary
Created bySparks
Last Updated byBloo, Sparks, SpecialBuilder32 and BluePsychoRanger
Complementary ModulesRelocators
Compatible MC Versions1.18+

This module allows players to craft custom items using a special crafting table. Recipes are added by other Gamemode 4 Modules. This module cannot be downloaded separately; any GM4 modules that require the custom crafter automatically bundles this base module when downloaded.


Custom Crafters enables other Gamemode 4 modules to add custom recipes, and supports multi-crafting and item nbt - unlike Minecraft's recipe system. It can be used to add new items to the game without having to replace an existing one.

An example of a module adding recipes is Standard Crafting which adds recipes for horse armor and cobwebs, among other items. Another example is the Heart Canisters module, which adds a custom item that increases player health. The canisters themselves are textured player heads, which requires specific item nbt. See the Expansions section below for more modules that add recipes.

Multi-crafting is also supported by Custom Crafters, allowing multiple items to be crafted at the same time. This works as long as each non-empty slot has the same number of items and the resulting output does not exceed one stack.

A Custom Crafter can be disabled by powering the dropper with redstone.


To create a Custom Crafter, put the following recipe inside a dropper, then right click the dropper with a crafting table. The dropper will be converted into a Custom Crafter



Once the first Custom Crafter is created, additional crafters can be crafted inside the custom crafter. This crafts an item that can be used to place the custom crafter similar to any other block.

Item Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter)
Custom Crafter Iron Ingot +

Light Blue Dye +

Cobblestone +

Crafting Table +


Custom Crafter


Custom Crafters can be moved with Relocators.

Technical Details

Recipes in the Custom Crafter are processed every 0.8 seconds, 16 game ticks, or 8 redstone ticks.

If the stack size for crafting multiple items would result in an output with more than the resulting item stack would allow, the crafting recipe will not initiate. e.g. if a stone recipe would yield over 64 stone (due to multi-crafting), the recipe would not work. Another example is if a snowball recipe would yield over 16 snowballs.

Custom Crafters do not process recipes when empty or powered; leaving a Crafter empty is an excellent way to help reduce strain on the server.


Advancement Requirement
Clever Crafting
Construct a Custom Crafter from a Dropper
Be within 4 blocks of a Custom Crafter being created

Expansion Packs & Reliant Modules

The Custom Crafters module doesn't do anything on its own, so other modules bundle the module when needed. Expansion packs for this module add custom crafting recipes to the game. Some reliant modules depend on this module in order to properly function, for example to craft some items.

Expansion Packs

Learn More

This video was made for an older version of Custom Crafters and contains outdated information

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Version Date Change
1.18 23 Apr 2022 Custom Crafters is now a library and cannot be downloaded separately; modules requiring the module automatically bundle the library
Creation process changed to right clicking with a crafting table instead of dropping the item
Custom Crafters can now be crafted as items along with upgrading from droppers
Updated crafting recipe
Custom Crafters will drop as an item when broken instead of the crafting components

Previous Versions

Minecraft Version 1.17 or Older

See Custom Crafters (Module)