Teleportation Anchors

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Teleportation Anchors

Module TypeReliant
Created byBluePsychoRanger
Complementary ModulesOrb of Ankou, Relocators, Zauber Cauldrons
Compatible MC Versions1.19+

This module adds a block that can prevent teleportation and another block that can force teleportation to a specific location.


Teleportation Jammers

The Teleportation Jammer is a machine that prevents certain types of teleportation — specifically Chorus-based teleportation — from occurring in a radius around it.

The following types of teleportation is prevented when in the radius of a teleportation jammer:

  • Enderman teleportation
  • Shulker teleportation
  • Player eating chorus fruit
  • Mobs moving through end gateways
  • Player drinking a Wormhole
  • Player or Mob using a Wormhole Tank
  • Player using Expeditious

If any of these teleport event occur, the entity will be teleported back to their original location, acting as a jam.


The Teleportation Jammer can be crafted in a Custom Crafter with the following recipe:

Item Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter)
Teleporation Jammer Purpur Block +

Crying Obsidian +

Eye of Ender +

End Crystal +


Custom Crafter

Multiblock Structure and Range

The teleportation jammer needs a multiblock structure to function. Once the block is placed down, an end rod needs to be placed on top of it (rotation matters). A teleportation jammer with an end rod will jam mobs within a 4 block radius. This range is spherical, centered at the jammer. Additionally, a pyramid of purpur blocks/purpur pillars — similar to that of a beacon — can increase the range; the range of the teleportation jammer is dependent on the number of levels on the pyramid.

  • 1 Layer (3x3) - 16 block radius
  • 2 Layers (5x5) - 32 block radius
  • 3 Layers (7x7) - 64 block radius


The teleportation jammer needs chorus fruit as fuel in order to jam teleportation. The dropper acts as the fuel cell. One chorus fruit will fuel the jammer for 8 minutes.

Teleportation Anchors

Teleportation Anchors will cause a jammed entity to teleport to the anchor instead of teleporting where they would normally teleport to. Teleportation anchors must be connected to a teleportation jammer to function. To connect a teleportation anchor to a teleportation jammer, purpur pillars function as wires. An upwards facing purpur pillar (axis = y) must come from directly below the teleportation jammer, and can lead into a teleportation anchor.

If a player is teleported to an anchor, they will have a cooldown for 9.6 seconds. During this cooldown, if they try to use chorus while jammed, they will not teleport to an anchor and will get jammed normally.


The Teleportation Anchor can be crafted in a Custom Crafter with the following recipe:

Item Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter)
Teleporation Anchor End Stone Bricks +

Ender Pearl +

Crying Obsidian +

Lodestone +

Chiseled Stone Bricks

Custom Crafter

Purpur Wires

A better way to visualize the purpur pillar wires is to think of them as conveyor belts: if a purpur pillar is pointing into another pillar that faces a different way, it will rotate; if it points into air or any block that isn’t a purpur pillar or lodestone it will terminate.

If the purpur pillar points into a T-Junction (opposed to a corner), it will prioritize the negative direction (North, West, Down) and if the purpur pillar points into a teleportation anchor it will tp the entity to above the teleportation anchor. This allows redstone contraptions to change the resulting location of a teleportation jammer by diverting different lines into different teleportation anchors.

Purpur wires can travel up to 64 blocks before failing. If this happens, the jammer will not link to the anchor and will act like a normal jammer.


Teleportation Jammers and Anchors can be moved with Relocators.

Zauber Cauldron Wormholes are jammed by this module.

The Orb of Ankou Expeditious pneuma is jammed by this module

Technical Details

This module tracks the movement of endermen and shulkers. If they move faster than normally possible, they will be considered as teleported. Speed I and II Effects and falling is taken into account. Endermen and shulkers inside minecarts and boats are ignored by this system.

Teleportation Jammers will not use up fuel unless it has a proper multiblock structure.


Endermen and Shulkers that leave a boat or minecart are able to teleport for a time between 0-8 ticks due to limitations with Minecraft.


Advancement Requirement
Make Some Noise
Create a device to stop chorus in its tracks
Have a Teleportation Jammer in your inventory
Pinpoint Location
Make a teleportation anchor to remove the randomness of chorus
Have a Teleportation Anchor in your inventory


Version Date Change
1.16 19 Jan 2021 Beta version of module released on Public Server 6
29 Jan 2021 All living entities can be jammed, opposed to only Players, Shulkers, and Endermen
04 Jun 2021 Teleportation Jammers without a pyramid will jam in a radius of 4 blocks, instead of turning off
Player Anchor cooldown reduced from 20s to 9.6s
1.18 21 Feb 2022 Both blocks are now crafted as items instead of upgraded from custom crafters
Updated crafting recipes
Advancement triggers changed to picking up the items
Both blocks will drop as an item when broken instead of the crafting components
1.19 17 Aug 2022 Officially released Teleportation Anchors