Orb of Ankou

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Orb of Ankou

Module TypeReliant
Created byBluePsychoRanger
Required ModulesMetallurgy, Custom Crafters
Compatible MC Versions1.16+

This module adds the ability to store certain effects from mobs and apply onto the player.

Features[edit | edit source]

Orb of Ankou adds the Corripio Shamir to obtain Soul Essence from mobs. Soul Essence gathered from mobs contain a pneuma which gives effects to Soul Shards and Orbs of Ankou. The effects are only applied when a Soul Shard or Orb of Ankou is in the player's offhand.

Items[edit | edit source]

Soul Essence[edit | edit source]

Soul Essence holds the power of a mob. Soul Essence can be extracted from a mob using the Corripio Shamir on a sword. However, while Soul Essence holds the power, the player cannot utilize the powers until a ritual is done to create a Soul Shard. For a list of Soul Essence drops, see the Corripio Shamir page.

Soul Shard[edit | edit source]

Soul Essence can be condensed into a Soul Shard in a Soul Forge with the Condensing Ritual. Once a Soul Shard is created, the player will be able to harness the powers of the pneuma present on the Soul Shard by holding the Shard in the offhand. However, all Soul Shards will reduce the player's Attack Damage by 20% while in the offhand.

Orb of Ankou[edit | edit source]

An Orb of Ankou is used to hold multiple pneumas. Soul Shards can be fused into an Orb of Ankou with the Fusing Ritual. While Soul Shards hold only one pneuma, an Orb of Ankou can hold up to four. Additionally, the Attack Damage debuff caused by the Soul Shard is removed when a Shard is fused into an orb. Like the Soul Shard, the Orb of Ankou must be held in the offhand for the pneuma to activate.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

An empty Orb of Ankou can be crafted in a Custom Crafter using 4 netherite scrap, 4 clay balls, and 1 nether star.

Custom Crafter

Soul Forge[edit | edit source]

Lighting a Soul Forge with flint and steel

A Soul Forge is created by creating an obsidian ring (8 blocks) in the nether and lighting a soul fire in the center with a flint and steel. A Soul Forge can only be created by a player physically lighting the fire themselves. Any ritual performed using the Soul Forge consumes all items and spawns spirits which when killed drop the ritual resulting item.

Condensing Ritual[edit | edit source]

In order to create a Soul Shard, a Condensing Ritual must be preformed in the Soul Forge. This ritual is preformed by throwing 13 Soul Essence into a Soul Forge with some glowstone dust and some blaze powder.

The value of required glowstone dust and blaze powder is randomized based on the seed (seed random), meaning each world will have a different value and must be experimented to figure out. The required amount is be between 1-64 glowstone dust and 1-64 blaze powder; the values will likely be different for each ingredient.[note 1]

If enough glowstone dust and blaze powder is thrown in with the 13 Soul Essences, extinguishing the flame in the Soul Forge will reveal a Possessed Soul Shard: a bat that will drop the Soul Shard upon killing it. More glowstone dust and blaze powder will allow the ritual to succeed, but using less than the required values will result in the ritual failing. Extra glowstone dust and blaze powder will be converted into spirits upon extinguishing the flame.

Fusing Ritual[edit | edit source]

Pneumas can be fused into an Orb of Ankou by throwing a Soul Shard, and the Orb of Ankou into a Soul Forge. Once this is done, the ritual will begin. Particles will appear in a 13x13 area around the Forge. The player must place wither roses where the particles are in order for the Forge to consume the wither rose power, transforming the wither rose into a lily of the valley in the process. Some ghast tears must also be thrown in before completing the ritual. The ghast tears can be added at any time before extinguishing the fire.

The value of required wither roses and ghast tears is also seed random. The required amount is be between 3-16 wither roses and 3-16 ghast tears; the values will likely be different for each ingredient.[note 2]

If enough wither roses are consumed and enough ghast tears are thrown into the Soul Forge, extinguishing the flame in the Soul Forge will fuse the pneuma into the orb, revealing a new Orb of Ankou. This ritual can be completed up to four times to stack multiple pneumas onto a single orb. If an orb with four pneumas is used in a Fusing Ritual, the ritual will fail. More wither roses and ghast tears will allow the ritual to succeed, but using less than the required values will result in the ritual failing. Extra wither roses and ghast tears will be converted into spirits upon extinguishing the flame.

Spirits[edit | edit source]

Any extraneous items used in a Soul Forge ritual are transformed into spirits. Some spirits are summoned when the Soul Forge is extinguished and others are summoned when an item is thrown into the Forge.

Spirit Summon Conditions Details
Fiery Sprite Upon extinguishing, if there is unused blaze powder (1 per extra powder) A flaming, invisible baby zombie with enchanted golden leggings.
Upon extinguishing, if there is unused glowstone dust (1 per extra dust)
Wandering Tear Upon extinguishing, if there are unused ghast tears (1 per extra tear) An invisible, glowing vex.
Withering Magic Upon extinguishing, if there are unused wither roses (only 1 cloud will spawn) A withering area effect cloud lasting around 1.5 minutes
Severed Soul Upon extinguishing, if there are unused Soul Essences (1 per extra Essence) An Endermite that can be killed to reclaim unused Soul Essences.
If a Soul Essence is thrown into a Soul Forge that has

already absorbed a different Soul Essence

Possessed Soul Shard Upon extinguishing, if the Condensing Ritual succeeds A bat that drops a Soul Shard upon death.
Congealed Soul Shard Upon extinguishing, if there is an unused Soul Shard
If a Soul Shard is thrown into a Soul Forge that has already absorbed a Soul Shard
Living Orb Upon extinguishing, if there is an unused Orb of Ankou A silverfish that drops an Orb of Ankou upon death
If an Orb of Ankou is thrown into a Soul Forge that has already absorbed an orb

Pneumas[edit | edit source]

Pneumas are special powers that are harnessed through the use of a Soul Shard or Orb of Ankou. There are six categories of pneumas, depending on their activation trigger: defensive, offensive, passive, sneak charge, sneak tap, and sneak hold.

Defensive Pneumas[edit | edit source]

Defensive pneumas are activated when the player is damaged.

Pneuma Damage Type Effect
Aggressive Any Player receives the Strength II for 3 seconds
Incombustible Fire Player receives Fire Resistance for 15 seconds
Lifeless Magic (Instant Damage) Player heals 1-2 hearts if Harming is inflicted on them[note 3]
Poison Player cannot be inflicted with Poison
Neutralizing Magic (Instant Damage) Harming deals less damage[note 3]
Poison Player cannot be inflicted with Poison
Pricking Attack The item has Thorns V: the attacker has a 75% chance to take 1-4 damage
Retreating Any Player receives Speed III for 3 seconds
Volatile Any If the player is low on health (0-3 health) they will explode

Offensive Pneumas[edit | edit source]

Offensive pneumas are activated upon using an attack.

Pneuma Attack Type Effect
Blasting Crossbow Shoots a high velocity fireball in the direction the player is looking at
(Ammo) Consumes an arrow and 1 blaze powder
Depriving Melee Applies Hunger to the target for 7 seconds
Freezing Melee Applies Slowness to the target for 30 seconds
Hawkeye Bow Arrows shot by the player have a Damage value of 4 and a Piercing value of 1
Venomous Melee Applies Poison to the target for 7 seconds
Withering Melee Applies Wither II to the target for 8 seconds

Passive Pneumas[edit | edit source]

Passive pneumas will activate on their own and need no input from the player.

Pneuma Effect
Agile Prevents the player from taking fall damage
Anchoring Grants the player 90% Knockback Resistance
Bargaining Grants the player Regeneration II for 4 seconds upon trading with a Villager or Wandering Trader
Bashing Grants +70% Attack Damage at the cost of -40% Attack Speed
Bubbly When the player enters water they receive Water Breathing for 2 minutes

This timer will be reset when the player exits the water

Enduring Gives the player +8 max health at the cost of -20% Speed
Gliding When the player swimming, they will receive Dolphins Grace II for 3 seconds
Striding Lava source blocks below the player gets temporarily replaced with magma blocks
Synergetic Grants Strength for 5 seconds to owned wolves and other nearby players with the Synergetic pneuma

Sneak Charge[edit | edit source]

Sneak Charge pneumas require the player to sneak to charge up the ability. The ability is activated when the player stops sneaking. The longer the player sneaks, the greater the effect will be. While charging, the players will hear a clicking sound, which gets higher pitched to indicate the next level. The pitch changes after 3, 6, and 11 clicks, meaning the level increases after hearing the pitch change.

Pneuma Effect Charging Result Level

(1-3 Clicks)


(4-6 Clicks)


(7-11 Clicks)


(12+ Clicks)

Bounding Player receives Jump Boost for 30 seconds Level of jump boost increases Jump IV Jump VI Jump VIII Jump X
Conjuring The Evoker's fang attack is is cast Number of fangs increases 6 fangs 9 fangs 12 fangs 15 fangs
Draining Applies Mining Fatigue III for 12 seconds

to players around the user

Radius of the area of effect increases 16 block radius 32 block radius 48 block radius 64 block radius
Expeditious Player will be teleported to a random

location, similar to a chorus fruit

Radius of teleportation increases 8 block radius 16 block radius 24 block radius 32 block radius
Rushing Player receives Speed Level of Speed and duration

of Speed increases

Speed I


Speed I


Speed III


Speed III


Sneak Tap[edit | edit source]

Sneak Tap pneumas are activated by sneaking. Every time a player sneaks, they will activate the pneuma. If the player continuously sneaks, the pneuma will continuously activate.

Pneuma Effect
Blinding Players up to 6 blocks away from the user receive Blindness for 6 seconds
Gazing Player receives Night Vision for 30 seconds
Feathery Player recieves Slow Falling for 6 seconds
Soaring Tapping sneak toggles the ability. When active, the player will hover at the same altitude.

Looking straight up or down will cause the player to ascend or descend respectively.

(Passive) Reduces player's health by 20% when equipped in the offhand
Vanishing Player receives Invisibility for 90 seconds

Sneak Hold[edit | edit source]

Sneak Hold pneumas require the player to continuously sneak to activate the pneuma. Unlike the sneak tap pneumas, these pneumas require the player to hold their sneak key to function, rather than tapping the sneak key for a short burst of effect.

Pneuma Effect
Phasing Allows the player to walk through 1-block wide walls
Scaling Allows the player to climb walls
(Incompatibility) Does not work with the Levity Shamir

Advancements[edit | edit source]

Advancement Requirement
A Small Price to Pay...
Obtain a mob's soul
Pick up a Soul Essence from a mob using a sword with the Corripio Shamir
A Dangerous Magic
Light a Soul Forge
Use a flint and steel on soul sand with a ring of obsidian above it
Was It Worth the Sacrifice?
Forge a Soul Shard
Have a Soul Shard in your inventory
I Believe I Can Fly!
Fly with the Soaring Pneuma
Have a Soul Shard or Orb of Ankou with the Soaring pneuma
Heavy Artillery    0/34
Few have wielded this much power
Have all 34 pneumas in your inventory at least once
We're Full Here...
Max out an Orb of Ankou
Create an Orb of Ankou that holds 4 pneumas

History[edit | edit source]

Version Date Change
1.15 28 Jun 2020 Beta released on Public Server 6
Soul Forges use a netherrack above the soul sand.
02 Jul 2020 Soaring pneuma overhauled to have a power that no longer requires the elytra
1.16 04 Sep 2020 Orb recipe changed to use Netherite Scraps instead of Iron Blocks
Sneak Charge pneumas buffed
Striding and Freezing pneumas added
26 Jan 2021 Released Orb of Ankou

Notes[edit source]

  1. On PS-Sky, 58 glowstone dust and 23 blaze powder are needed.
  2. On PS-Sky, 10 ghast tears and 15 wither roses are needed.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Player can still die from the initial Harming damage