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Follow this standard if you are creating a community page for the wiki. A community page is defined as:

  • Pages About Public Servers
  • Pages involving information regarding the Gamemode 4 Community as a whole.


These can change at any time, keep up to date of face deletion.

A Community Page must have these sections at a minimum:

  • About A Short Summary
  • Details A More in depth look at the community feature

Optional sections are as sub heading - with following requirements:

  • Gallery - Minimum of 3 Quality Pictures
  • Trivia
  • Residents
  • Town Rules

All Community Pages Must have the cateogry community, server edition and either:

  • Town
  • Event

(Example Town Page) About

Toff Town is a town on Public Server V. It is located at 1000 64 0 and is themed around a tepid ocean.


Founded by ToffeeMax, Toff Town is located north east of TestVille an is connected to the metro network.

Town Rules

  1. No Laughing
  2. No Fun
  3. No Happiness



ToffeeMax Jnr

ToffeeMax Snr


This town is not real. It is never real and will not be ever. This sentence makes no sense.