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BluePsychoRanger's Profile Picture
Other namesBPR
OccupationGM4 Wiki Admin, GM4 Server Staff, UFO Admin
Years active2015-present
Known forAdministration and writing/editing of Gamemode 4 Wiki pages

About BluePsychoRanger

Hello people, I'm BluePsychoRanger one of the wiki admins for Gamemode 4. If there is any problems with the wiki feel free to contact me through discord, (link down below). I've been interested in Gamemode 4 since November 2015, and a wiki admin since March 17, 2017. On June 21, 2019, I became a moderator for the Gamemode 4 Public Server.

Gamemode 4 Modules Created by BluePsychoRanger

SCUBA Gear: Adds craftable SCUBA Gear to aid in ocean travel

Sunken Treasure (1.13): Updated the previous version of Sunken Treasure for the 1.13 release

End Fishing: Allows players to fish in the End void to catch End-related loot

Relocators: Adds an item with the ability to pick up machine blocks (such as custom crafters) as items

Holographic Tags: Adds the ability to create floating text messages with nametags and item frames

Midnight Menaces: Mysterious Midnights expansion pack that adds mob-related nights

Public Server 6/Custom Trees: Adds a way for players to grow the custom trees in Public Server 6

Orb of Ankou: Allows players to obtain mob abilities

Fulcio Shamir: Adds a Metallurgy Shamir that allows players to place blocks in mid-air

Soul Glass: Adds a block that corrupts and reverses beacon effects

Everstone: Allows players to keep mobs as babies and also adds aging to some mobs

Sweethearts (1.16): Updated the previous version of Sweethearts for the 1.16 release

Display Frames: Allows splash potions of invisibility to turn item frames invisible

Apple Trees: Adds apple trees that continuously grow and drop apples

Sky Dimension: Adds a Sky Dimension above the overworld


Discord Tag: BluePsychoRanger#5160

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @BluPsychoRanger