Mysterious Midnights

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Mysterious Midnights

Module TypeBase
Created byBloo
Complementary ModulesMidnight Menaces
Compatible MC Versions1.13+

This module adds spooky full moon nights to the game.


Every full moon, there's a chance for a mysterious midnight event to trigger. Mysterious Midnight events will last for as long as it is night time. This means a player can skip the event by sleeping in a bed and passing the night. When a Mysterious Midnight event is first activated, all players will hear a howling sound.

Technical Details

A Mysterious Midnight has a 62.5% chance of occurring during a full moon. This is about once every 12.8 MC days, or about 4 hours and 16 minutes in real-time.

A common event has a 50% chance of occurring during a mysterious midnight. An uncommon event has a 30% chance of occurring during a mysterious midnight. A rare event has a 20% chance of occurring during a mysterious midnight.

Expansion Packs

The Mysterious Midnights module is packaged with 6 default expansion packs. Expansion packs for this module add events to a mysterious midnight when activated. Expansion packs each have a rarity (common, uncommon, or rare) to determine how often the event occurs. Modules with the same rarity have an equal chance of being selected when its rarity is selected. This module supports additional expansion packs and additional packs can be created and submitted to Gamemode 4.

Default Expansions

Rarity Expansion Pack Description
Common Resurrecting Skeletons Allows bones to summon new skeletons
Resurrecting Zombies Allows rotten flesh to summon new zombies
Uncommon Harvest Moons Increases the random tick speed, drastically increasing crop growth
Tipped Skeletons Gives some skeletons tipped arrows
Rare Falling Stars Gifts fall from the sky
Nightmare Nights Multiple events are active and players cannot sleep the night away

Midnight Menaces

Rarity Expansion Pack Description
Common Icy Strays Skeletons are converted into Strays that can drop ice
Sandy Husks Zombies are converted into Husks that can drop sand
Uncommon Enlarging Phantoms Large phantoms spawn above players regardless of if they slept
Slime Fests Mobs are converted into slimes and slimes can merge into larger ones
Rare Illusioner Nights Illusioners spawn around players
Menacing Goblins Small Goblins spawn around players

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Version Date Change
1.13 06 Apr 2019 Released Mysterious Midnights
07 Apr 2019 Increased chance of Mysterious Midnights by 40%