Mysterious Midnights/Nightmare Nights

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Nightmare Nights

Module TypeExpansion
Created byBloo
Required ModulesMysterious Midnights
Complementary ModulesMidnight Menaces
Compatible MC Versions1.13+

This module causes a mixture of mysterious midnight events to activate. This module is pre-packaged with the Mysterious Midnights base module.


During this Mysterious Midnights event, multiple mysterious midnight events will occur. The base nightmare nights module will activate Resurrecting Skeletons, Resurrecting Zombies, and Tipped Skeletons. During nightmare nights, a red tint will appear on players' screens and players sleeping in beds will be damaged and removed from the bed. This module is a rare event.

Technical Details

Players with their graphics settings on FAST will not see the red tint. The player will be damaged by 3 hearts when trying to sleep in a bed.

Expansion Packs

This module can activate other mysterious midnights modules. Without any expansions, it would not do anything. The Mysterious Midnights base module includes 3 expansion packs that are activated by nightmare nights. Additional expansion packs can be made to be activated during a nightmare night.

Default Expansions

Midnight Menaces

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Version Date Change
1.13 06 Apr 2019 Released Nightmare Nights