Holographic Tags

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Holographic Tags

Module TypeStand Alone
Created byBluePsychoRanger and SethBling
Compatible MC Versions1.14+

Set up floating messages with a simple name tag!


Placing a named nametag into an item frame or glow frame creates a floating text box to appear, which is visible from up to 16 blocks away. Placing the item frame against a wool block will cause the text to become coloured. Below is a list of the color types.

To remove the floating text, place an item frame in the same spot and orientation as used to create it and the text will turn back into a nametag.

This module is based on a concept by SethBling.

Colors of tags based on wool type
Holographic Tag Colours
Wool Colour Hologram Colour Display Text
White White White
Orange Gold Gold
Magenta Magenta Magenta
Light Blue Aqua Aqua
Yellow Yellow Yellow
Lime Green Green
Pink Red Red
Gray Dark Gray Dark Gray
Light Gray Light Gray Light Gray
Cyan Dark Aqua Dark Aqua
Purple Purple Purple
Blue Blue Blue
Brown Dark Blue Dark Blue
Green Dark Green Dark Green
Red Dark Red Dark Red
Black Black Black
Three step creation of a holographic tag


Advancement Requirement
Create a Hologram
Be within 4 blocks of a holographic tag being created

Learn More and Download


The tweet by SethBling that inspired this recreation


Version Date Change
1.14 10 Aug 2019 Released Holographic Tags
1.17 23 Aug 2021 Added Glow Frames support