Boots of Ostara

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Boots of Ostara

Module TypeReliant
Created byThe8BitMonkey
Last Updated byLue
Required ModulesCustom Crafters
Complementary ModulesDesire Lines, Better Armour Stands
Compatible MC Versions1.8, 1.13+

This module adds boots which suppress the effects of the Desire Lines module, and can convert dirt into grass or moss blocks.


Growing grass with the Boots of Ostara

If a grass block is held in the offhand, dirt-type blocks will be converted to grass beneath the player without consuming the grass block. If a moss block is held in the offhand, moss-replaceable blocks will be converted to moss beneath the player without consuming the moss block. Giving an armour stand a grass or moss block and a set of Boots of Ostara will produce the same effect.


The Boots of Ostara can be crafted in a Custom Crafter using leather boots, and some plant items. The Grass Block and Moss Block can be interchanged. The leather boots used in the crafting recipe will retain any enchantments, shamirs, lore, or other special properties when upgraded into Boots of Ostara.[1]

Item Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter)
Boots of Ostara Grass Block +

Leather Boots +

Moss Block +

Water Bucket +

Wheat Seeds


If the player is wearing Boots of Ostara, the effects of Desire Lines will be suppressed.

In order for an armour stand to hold a block, the armour stand must have arms. The Better Armour Stands module provides a way to give an armour stand arms.

Technical Details

Combining the Boots of Ostara with other leather boots in a crafting table will convert them to normal leather boots.

The NBT of the leather boots used in the crafting recipe is copied to the resulting Boots of Ostara. Name[1], color, and model will only be overwritten if the leather boots did not already have these properties. The lore associated with Boots of Ostara will be prepended to the Lore tag instead of overwriting existing lore. All other tags such as enchantments, durability, and shamirs will be copied directly.


Advancement Requirement
Green Feet
Wear the Boots of Ostara
Have the Boots of Ostara in your inventory

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Version Date Change
1.8 04 Jun 2015 Released Boots of Ostara
05 Jun 2015 Fixed a multiplayer bug that allowed crops to be planted on invalid blocks
10 Jun 2015 Fixed a bug that only allowed Seeds to be planted
1.13 19 Nov 2018 Add beetroot to be plantable
Changed selection slot to offhand (from 9th hotbar slot)
04 Apr 2019

Update by Coolsa

Add nether wart to be plantable on soul sand
Armour Stands wearing the boots and holding a Grass Block will convert Dirt to Grass
1.15 06 Feb 2020 Optimized the module to use predicates, making it more lag friendly
1.16 24 Apr 2021

Update by Lue

Removed crop-related functionality which was considered obsolete
Preserve NBT (enchantments, shamir, lore, etc.) of the Leather Boots used in the crafting recipe
1.17 14 Oct 2021 Updated crafting recipe to include Moss instead of Potatoes and Carrots
Added Moss spreading


  1. 1.0 1.1 Flippers from SCUBA Gear without a new name and be named "Flippers of Ostara".

Previous Versions

MC 1.8 Version

The MC 1.8 Version used the last slot of the hotbar for the settings slot rather than the offhand (which did not exist in this MC version). This version also did not have the feature of planting beetroot or nether wart. Armour stands did not have the ability to replace dirt with grass in this version.

Planting carrots with the Boots of Ostara

MC 1.13-1.16 Versions

Until a certain point after MC 1.16 was released, Boots of Ostara had the ability to automatically place the crop held in the player's offhand on farmland. This ability was removed as Pig Tractors does a better job of implementing this feature.

Additionally, older versions of the module would reset the durability, enchantments, custom model, and other NBT tags when upgraded into Boots of Ostara.