Ender Hoppers

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Ender Hoppers

Module TypeReliant
Created byElemend
Last Updated byMisode and BluePsychoRanger
Complementary ModulesRelocators
Compatible MC Versions1.10+

This module allows the creation of special hoppers that teleport nearby items to themselves, even through walls.


Ender Hoppers will teleport items in a 9x9, 3 high cubic area above itself. Items teleported by the Ender Hopper will be placed on top of the hopper, so if the Ender Hopper is full, the items will simply sit on top of it.

Ender Hoppers can also be added to a Minecart, allowing players to move around their hoppers. The functionality of an Ender Hopper Minecart is exactly the same as a normal Ender Hopper.

Ender Hopper Minecart
Working area of an ender hopper (extends 3 blocks above the hopper)


The Ender Hopper can be crafted in a Custom Crafter using a hopper, ender eye, and respawn anchor. An Ender Hopper Minecart can be crafted with an Ender Hopper and a Minecart.

Item Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter)
Ender Hopper Eye of Ender +

Hopper +

Respawn Anchor

Custom Crafter

Minecart with Ender Hopper Ender Hopper +


Custom Crafter


Ender Hoppers can be moved with Relocators.

Technical Details

Ender Hoppers are processed every 0.8 seconds (16 gameticks or 8 redstone ticks).

If there are two ender hoppers with overlapping pickup areas, one will usually take priority and take a majority of the items in the overlapping region.

With Decorative Mushroom Blocks, broken mushroom block items can be teleported to the hopper before solidifying, destroying the hopper. The crafting items will drop, but the hopper will be lost.

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Version Date Change
1.10 04 Nov 2016 Released Ender Hoppers
1.14 29 Apr 2019 Fixed pickup area of ender hopper
1.15 02 Jun 2020 Added Ender Hopper Minecarts
1.16 29 Nov 2020 Ender Hoppers drop a custom block when moved with Relocators
1.18 23 Apr 2022 Ender Hoppers are now crafted as items instead of created within hoppers
Updated crafting recipe
Ender Hoppers will drop as an item when broken instead of the crafting components
Ender Hopper Minecarts will drop as an item when broken instead of the crafting components

Previous Versions

MC 1.10-1.17 Versions

Prior to 1.18, Ender Hoppers were created by inserting the following items into a hopper or hopper minecart, followed by dropping an Eye of Ender on top of the hopper to complete the creation of an ender hopper.

Item Hopper


Additionally, breaking the Ender Hopper dropped the items used to craft them instead of a custom item.