Tinkering Compressors

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Tinkering Compressors

Module TypeReliant
Created bySheepe
Last Updated byBluePsychoRanger
Required ModulesBlock Compressors, Metallurgy
Complementary ModulesRelocators
Compatible MC Versions1.14+

Allows for automated tinkering of items as an extension of Block Compressors.


Items affected by the Tinker Shamir passing over a Tinkering Compressor will be converted into or out of block form. Any amount of items can be converted, no matter the stack size. i.e. a stack of 64 will convert to 7 blocks, leaving 1 item behind, while a stack of 9 will convert to just 1 block.


To create a Tinkering Compressor, throw a Tinker Shamir and a Block Compressor on an anvil and power a downwards facing piston two blocks above the anvil (same as normal metallurgy smooshing). Doing the same process with an obsidian and the tinkering compressor will separate the tinker shamir from the compressor.


The GUI of a Tinkering Compressor is used as a settings interface for the type of compression it will do. A Tinkering Compressor has 2 modes. It can tinker items into blocks or detinker blocks into items. Placing 64 items in the Tinkering Compressor will set it to tinkering mode, and placing a single item into the Tinkering Compressor will set it to detinkering mode.

Once the Tinkering Compressor is configured, throw items onto the Tinkering Compressor to convert the items. Below is a list of affected items. Note that items don't have to be in exact stacks for tinkering to initiate, any amount of items greater than or equal to the minimum will produce the proper result.

Item Result
9 Emerald (x9) Emerald Block (x1)
9 Diamond (x9) Diamond Block (x1)
9 Redstone (x9) Redstone Block (x1)
9 Coal (x9) Coal Block (x1)
9 Lapis Lazuli (x9) Lapis Block (x1)
9 Gold Ingot (x9) Gold Block (x1)
9 Iron Ingot (x9) Iron Block (x1)
9 Gold Nugget (x9) Gold Ingot (x1)
9 Iron Nugget (x9) Iron Ingot (x1)
4 Snowball (x4) Snow Block (x1)
4 Clay Ball (x4) Clay (x1)
9 Melon Slice (x9) Melon (x1)
9 Wheat (x9) Hay Bale (x1)
9 Slimeball (x9) Slime Block (x1)


Tinkering Compressors can be moved with Relocators.

Technical Details

When an item is tinkered or detinkered by a Tinkering Compressor, the resulting item(s) will not be able to be tinkered or detinkered again until a player or hopper picks it up.


Advancement Requirement
Automatic Tinkering
Make yourself a Tinkering Compressor
Have a Tinkering Compressor in your inventory

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Version Date Change
1.14 01 Nov 2019 Released Tinkering Compressors
1.16 29 Nov 2020 Tinkering Compressors drop a custom block when moved with Relocators
1.18 23 Apr 2022 Tinkering Compressors are now smooshed using with a tinker shamir and compressor item instead of upgraded from compressor
Tinkering Compressors can be unsmooshed (like other items with shamirs on them) to get the compressor and tinker shamir back
"Automatic Tinkering" advancement trigger changed to picking up a Tinkering Compressor
Tinkering Compressors will drop as an item when broken instead of the crafting components
A fake pressure plate has been added to Tinkering Compressors to indicate that items should be thrown on top of them