Block Compressors

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Block Compressors

Module TypeReliant
Created bySparks
Last Updated bySunderB, Misode and BluePsychoRanger
Complementary ModulesRelocators
Compatible MC Versions1.9+

This module allows you to compress stacks of items into a single item for better storage.



The Block Compressor is a machine that compresses and decompresses items on top of it. Compressed items enable containers like chests and shulker boxes to hold vastly greater quantities of items.

Compressed items can easily be decompressed back into their original state to be used in crafting and building. Be careful though, if a compressed item is placed as a block it will lose its compressed state. For example, if a *64 compressed diamond block is placed on the ground, 63 diamond blocks will have just been lost.

A Block Compressor


The Block Compressor can be crafted in a Custom Crafter using iron, purpur, obsidian, and pistons.

Item Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter)
Block Compressor Iron Ingot +

Purpur Block +

Obsidian +

Piston +


Custom Crafter

Compressing and Decompressing

The GUI of a Block Compressor is used as a settings interface for the type of compression it will do. A Block Compressor has 2 modes: compression and decompression. Compression mode is set if an item with a stack size greater than 1 (e.g. 16 or 64) is in the Compressor, while decompression mode is set if a single item (stack size of 1) is in the Compressor.

Once Block Compressors mode is set, throw items on-top of the Compressor to compress/decompress them.

Compression Process


Compressors can be moved with Relocators.

Technical Details

A chest full of *64 compressed items can hold a total of 110,592 items, 6400% more than a chest of uncompressed items (1728 items).

A chest full of shulker boxes, each full of *64 compressed items, can hold 2,985,984 items.

A block compressor will do 1 compression per 16 game ticks, 8 redstone ticks, or 0.8 seconds.


Advancement Requirement
Clever Crushing
Make yourself a Block Compressor
Have a Block Compressor in your inventory
A Compressed Diet
Eat too much of everything. This can't be good for you...
Eat a max compressed item of each food item. Uses the same list as A Balanced Diet, but excludes the soups/stews and enchanted golden apples. Most items must be 64x compressed, however honey bottles must be 16x compressed, as their max stack size is 16.

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Version Date Change
1.9 03 Feb 2016 Released Block Compressors
1.14 10 Jul 2019 Fixed an issue of nbt being lost when compressing
17 Jul 2019 Patched a duplication exploit resulting from decompressing

items that were compressed before the 1.14 module update

1.16 29 Nov 2020 Block Compressors drop a custom block when moved with Relocators
1.17 23 Aug 2021 Compression can now occur with any stack size
1.18 23 Apr 2022 Custom Crafters is now a library and no longer needs to be downloaded separately
Compressors are now crafted as items instead of upgraded from custom crafters
Updated crafting recipe
"Clever Crushing" advancement trigger changed to picking up a Compressor
Compressors will drop as an item when broken instead of the crafting components
A fake pressure plate has been added to Compressors to indicate that items should be thrown on top of them

Previous Versions

MC 1.9-1.13 Versions

Prior to 1.14, items that got compressed would lose custom NBT, such as enchantments, Skull texture, and lore.

MC 1.9-1.17 Versions

Prior to 1.18, the recipe used to be

Custom Crafter

Crafting a Block Compressor converted the Custom Crafter into a Block Compressor. Additionally, breaking the Block Compressor dropped the items used to craft them instead of a custom item.