Soul Probes

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Soul Probes

Module TypeReliant
Created byEease
Required ModulesCustom Crafters
Complementary ModulesSpawner Minecarts
Compatible MC Versions1.8

This module adds the ability to harvest the souls of various mobs and, create an spawn egg for that mob.


A Soul Probes Book can be crafted and is used to look up probes and to create spawn eggs. To create a soul probe, the player must kill a specified number of that type of mob. Dying will reset all of a player's tracked kills. Once the number of kills is reached, the player can use the Soul Probes Book to transfer the soul onto an Empty Spawn Egg. Spawners can be changed with spawn eggs by right clicking the spawner with the desired spawn egg.

Technical Details

Mobs killed before you have crafted your first Soul Probes Book don't count. Once a player has crafted a soul probes book, their kills will be counted, even if the soul probes book is not in the inventory. An Empty Spawn Egg can be lost by right clicking on a block.


Item Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter)
Soul Probes Book Book + Bottle o' Enchanting + Nether Star
Empty Spawn Egg Bone Meal + Light Gray Dye + Diamond + Iron Ingot + Egg

Soul Probes

Mob Kills Required Mob Kills Required Mob Kills Required
Blaze 100 Horse 25 Slime 100
Cave Spider 100 Magma Cube 50 Spider 100
Chicken 100 Mooshroom 25 Squid 50
Cow 100 Ocelot 25 Villager 20
Creeper 100 Pig 100 Witch 20
Enderman 100 Rabbit 25 Wolf 25
Endermite 25 Sheep 100 Zombie 100
Ghast 25 Silverfish 100 Zombie Pigman 100
Guardian 50 Skeleton 100


All spawners that can be created with this module is supported by 1.8 Version of Spawner Minecarts.

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Version Date Change
1.8 29 Jun 2015 Released Soul Probes
30 Jun 2015 Fixed missing CCClock armorstand in schematic release