Spawner Minecarts

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Spawner Minecarts

Module TypeStand Alone
Created byEease
Last Updated bySpecialBuilder32, Sparks and Bloo
Compatible MC Versions1.8, 1.13+

This module allows pistons to push spawners into minecarts.


Spawners can be pushed into a minecart and moved around using rails. Unlike spawner blocks, spawner minecarts can only spawn a certain number of mobs before running out of charge. Spawner minecarts can be actively and passively recharged.

Creating a Spawner Minecart

Place a minecart directly beneath a spawner. Place a piston facing downwards directly on top of the spawner and then place a redstone block directly on top of the piston. The piston will push down, forcing the spawner into the minecart and dropping experience. The spawner minecart is fully charged and will begin spawning mobs immediately if the light level allows.

The following spawners are supported by default, but other data packs[1] may add their spawners to the whitelist:

  • Blaze
  • Cave Spider
  • Silverfish
  • Skeleton
  • Spider
  • Zombie

Spawning mobs

Spawner minecarts behave just like normal spawners. Players must be within 16 blocks of the spawner to cause mob spawning and mobs spawn in a 9x9 space around it as long as the spawner has fuel.


Spawner Mincarts have an internal 'fuel' reserve which is tapped when a group of mobs is spawned. This 'fuel' can be recharged in two ways, actively and passively. Without recharging, a Spawner Minecart's internal 'fuel' reserve lasts for 200 group spawns.

Passive Recharge

Spawner Minecarts naturally slowly regain charge, even if the Spawner Minecart is unloaded (as long as the world or server is running). Passive recharging is slow, a Spawner Minecart will passively recharge completely from empty in about 33 hours. Acquiring enough charge to spawn a group of mobs requires about 10 minutes of passive recharging.

Active Recharge

By putting a Spawner Minecart onto a powered Activator Rail the Spawner Minecart can be put into active-charging mode. This will cause the Spawner Minecart to consume nearby flowers and grass (tall grass, not grass blocks) for fuel. This process is much faster than passive recharging, acquiring enough charge to spawn a group of mobs in an ideal environment takes only 1.6 seconds and generates enough charge to spawn four groups of mobs. Grass is consumed but does not provide any 'fuel'. Do note that Spawner Minecarts that are being charged actively can not spawn any mobs whilst charging.

The module uses the world seed to assign a "good" or "bad" value to every flower type.[note 1] This uses exactly the same flower values as Zauber Cauldrons meaning both modules can be used to research the flower states for that seed. "Good" flowers will give more spawn charge back to the spawner minecart when eaten than "bad" flowers. The order of fuel level from least to most is grass blocks, "bad" flowers, "good" flowers. "Good" flowers emit slightly more particles than "bad" flowers when consumed.

A flower being consumed during active recharging

Technical Details

When a Spawner Minecart reaches it's full charge capacity, it will turn off the output of any detector rail it is on for one tick, allowing for a redstone mechanism to move it out of the charging space automatically.

Flowers and grass can be consumed in a 9*9 square level with the Spawner Minecart. Spawner Minecarts will randomly select a block to consume from this volume every 1.6 seconds. If the selected block is a flower or grass, it is consumed. If the selected block is neither a flower nor grass, nothing happens. This means that having as many flowers as possible withing the volume speeds up charging.

When consumed, grass will charge the Spawner Minecart by 0, a bad flower will charge it by 20, and a good flower will charge it by 40.

Each time a mob spawns, the charge value goes down by 10. The charge cap is 2000, so a fully charged Spawner Minecart will spawn about 200 mobs before running out of fuel. A spawner minecart will passively charge at the rate of one charge value per 10 minutes.


Advancement Requirement
Don't Go Breaking My Cart
Capture a Monster Spawner
Be within 5 blocks of a Spawner Minecart being created

Learn More and Download

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Version Date Change
1.8 20 Jun 2015 Released Spawner Minecarts
25 Jun 2015 Fixed broken hyper spawner bug
1.13 04 Apr 2019 Removed placing back feature
Added a charge required
Added "Don't go breaking my Cart" advancement
1.17 23 Aug 2021 Spawner Minecarts can no longer spawn mobs when being refueled actively
Grass Blocks can no longer be used to refuel Spawner Minecarts
Grass and Tall Grass are now consumed by Spawner Minecarts but do not provide any fuel
Spawner Minecarts now take an exact copy of the donor spawner's NBT. This means mobs from Spawner Minecarts will be exactly the same as those spawned by the original spawner.

Previous Versions

MC 1.8 Version

After being released for Hermitcraft Gamemode 4, the module was re-released for Public Usage. Spawners could be ejected out of minecarts and placed as blocks by running the spawner minecart over an activator rail; the spawner would be placed above the activator rail. This version did not have a cool down system and recharging was not required.

Hermitcraft Gamemode 4

This module was initially released for Hermitcraft Gamemode 4 and created by Eease.


  1. On PS-Sky the lucky flowers are dandelions, oxeye daisies, alliums, poppies, red tulips, pink tulips, white tulips, and blue orchids.
  1. For example, Creeper spawners through Orbis' Dangerous Dungeons or Tower Structures, and Charged Creeper spawners in combination with Lightning in a Bottle