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Module TypeStand Alone
Created byDenniss
Compatible MC Versions1.13+

This module allows for stair blocks to be turned into chairs that the player can sit on!


Creating and chair by throwing a saddle onto a oak stair. and removing the saddle by punching.

A chair can be created by throwing a saddle on the lower part of any stair block. Chairs can be sat on by right clicking them, and dismounted by sneaking.

The chair can be removed by either breaking the stair block, or by punching the saddle.

Technical Details

A chair is made sittable by an invisible pig with a saddle. The hitbox of this pig extends slightly below the stair block, preventing any blocks from being placed directly below the chair. Additionally, chairs can be rotated by holding a carrot on a stick. Note that this will rotate the player's legs as well, possibly leading to them appearing inside the stair block.


Advancement Requirement
A throne, fit for a king
Throw a saddle on stairs to make a chair
Be within 5 blocks of a chair being created
Couch Potato
Sit for over an hour!
Sit on a chair for a total time of 1 hour

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Version Date Change
1.13 04 Apr 2019 Released Chairs
1.17 23 Aug 2021 Chairs break by punching saddle
Chairs will no longer remain as Zombified Piglins when struck by lightning