Metallurgy/Levity Shamir

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Levity Shamir

Module TypeExpansion
Created byBloo, Sparks and Special
Required ModulesMetallurgy
Compatible MC Versions1.13-1.16.5

The Levity Shamir allows players to hover in mid-air.


Shamir Properties
Property Suppression
Metal Band Aluminium
Valid Items


Using the boots with the Levity Shamir will cause the player to hover at their current Y level, whilst sneaking. Releasing the shift key will stop the levitation.


After a certain distance traveled or time in the air, the player will start to slowly descend instead of staying at the same Y-level. The boots will begin to descend after the player travels approximately 16 blocks from where they first pressed shift. When hovering, this area will be indicated by particles around the player.

Additionally, hovering works for up to 8 minutes before running out.

When the levitation wears off, the player will gain slow falling and drift down.


If a player takes damage whilst under the effect of the Levity Shamir, they'll be shot up into the sky.

Whilst under the effect of Levity Shamir, the usage of a bow, snowballs, and ender pearls is impaired. Any projectile will be sent straight up at high speed.

When in the air, the ability to mine blocks is slowed down, similar to the Mining Fatigue effect .


Version Date Change
1.12 10 Nov 2017 Alpha released Metallurgy on Gamemode 4D
1.13 17 May 2019 Beta released on Public Server V
08 Aug 2019 Officially Released Levity Shamir
1.17 20 Aug 2021 Levity Shamir has been discontinued