Metallurgy/Vibro Shamir

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Vibro Shamir

Module TypeExpansion
Created byBluePsychoRanger
Required ModulesMetallurgy
Complementary ModulesDesire Lines
Compatible MC Versions1.17+

The Vibro Shamir allows players to leap in the air and deal damage to mobs when falling.


Shamir Properties
Property Destruction
Metal Band Thorium
Valid Items


When sneaking, players who take fall damage will hurt mobs within a 6 block radius. The damage dealt to mobs is dependent on how close the mob is to the player and the blocks between the mob and player. Mobs will get knocked back when hit with the shockwave.

Additionally, sneaking will allow the player to gain temporary jump boost. The level of jump boost is dependent on the sneak time. Players can get Jump Boost IV, VI, VIII, or X (4, 6, 8, or 10). The maximum jump boost results from sneaking for half a second then jumping. When using the Vibro Jump, the player will take damage when landing.


When creating a Vibro Shockwave, a 5x5 area centered at the player will have a chance to be affected by Desire Lines if the module is installed. The center block has a 100% chance to convert from desire lines. The 3x3 area around has a 50% chance to convert. The 5x5 border has a 25% chance to convert.

Technical Details

A full block (such as stone or glass) will dampen the damage as if the mob was 3 blocks farther, while a non-solid block (such as a half slab or door) will act as if the mob was 1.5 blocks farther.

Sneaking off the edge of a block will not active the Vibro Jump. This is due to technical limitations of data packs.


Version Date Change
1.17 23 Aug 2021 Released Vibro Shamir