Metallurgy/Arborenda Shamir

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Arborenda Shamir

Module TypeExpansion
Created byBloo, Sparks and Special
Last Updated byMisode
Required ModulesMetallurgy
Compatible MC Versions1.13+

The Arborenda Shamir helps the player the cut down trees in a more efficient manner.


Shamir Properties
Property Amplification
Metal Band Barium
Valid Items


Breaking compatible trees with an axe will cause connected valid blocks to be destroyed, creating a "tree feller" effect. Sneaking while breaking a log disables the chaining effect, allowing a single log to be broken. Both the quality of the axe's material and the efficiency enchantment will affect the speed that the tree is broken. For example, a wooden axe will take a long time to destroy the entire tree, while a golden axe enchanted with Efficiency V is nearly instant. Each log block broken by the Shamir will remove one durability from the axe, but will never completely break the axe, leaving exactly one durability afterward if more logs were broken than remaining durability on the tool. This way an axe will not be destroyed by attempting to chop down too large of a tree, but rather only if the player attempts to chop a tree with an already depleted axe. The Unbreaking enchantment increases the life of the tool with the same odds as regular tools, with Unbreaking III having only a 25% chance of each block broken decreasing the durability.

Felling a tree with Arborenda
Valid Blocks

Additionally, Wart Blocks, Shroomlights, and Mangrove Roots connected to logs are broken.

Technical Details

The connected blocks are broken in a width-first manner and the process can be terminated either

  • naturally: When the algorithm runs out of connected valid blocks, or
  • forcefully: When either 256 blocks have been destroyed, or 32 recursion layers have been exceeded.


Version Date Change
1.12 10 Nov 2017 Alpha released Metallurgy on Gamemode 4D
1.13 17 May 2019 Beta released on Public Server V
08 Aug 2019 Officially Released Arborenda Shamir
1.17 20 Aug 2021 Updated to use the flood-fill algorithm
Now uses durability per log
1.18 17 Nov 2021 Added Hyphae blocks (Nether trees) and Wood blocks
Removed Stripped Logs from valid blocks
1.19 30 Oct 2022 Added support for Mangrove Logs and Roots