Metallurgy/Celaro Shamir

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Celaro Shamir

Module TypeExpansion
Created byLue
Required ModulesMetallurgy, Desire Lines
Compatible MC Versions1.16+

The Celaro Shamir counteracts the effects of Desire Lines. Celaro is included with Desire Lines and can not be downloaded separately. It becomes accessible on worlds which have both Metallurgy and Desire Lines installed.


Shamir Properties
Property Suppression
Metal Band Aluminium
Valid Items


Wearing a set of boots with the Celaro Shamir will counteract the effects of Desire Lines. The player will no longer convert grass blocks into dirt or dirt blocks into coarse dirt.

Additionally, if the player holds the sneak key within two-block high shrubbery (e.g. Tall Grass, Large Fern, Peony), they will be rendered invisible. For this to have any practical effect, the player will likely need to unequip most of their armor.


Version Date Change
1.16 24 Apr 2021 Beta released on Public Server Sky
29 Apr 2021 Included Celaro Shamir in Desire Lines
30 Apr 2021 Changed invisibility feature to activate on sneak only