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Gamemode 4D (a.k.a. GM4D or PSIV) was the fourth server owned by Accidental Games to give fans of Gamemode 4 a survival server to play with Gamemode 4's many modules (a list is provided below). The server was officially opened on November 10th, 2017 and closed on October 29th, 2018.

This server was the first official Gamemode 4 server to be fully public and without a whitelist. Previous servers required players to apply for access.


Gamemode 4D featured many different dimensions, each of which served a different purpose. When first spawning in Gamemode 4D, players would spawn in Landings, randomly spread out from each other. They would have a book in their inventory that explains how to craft a Mandala. The Mandala would allow players to travel to different dimensions.

Installed Modules

Below is a list of the modules installed on Gamemode 4D. Some modules only worked in certain dimensions; read the notes for more information.

Installed Modules
Bat Grenades Enderman Support Class Poses Pack Vertical Rails
Better Armour Stands Heart Canisters Potion Liquids Weighted Armour
Blast Furnaces[note 1] Ink Spitting Squids Potion Swords Zauber Cauldrons[note 2]
Block Compressors Lightning Rods[note 3] Record Crafting Zauber Liquids
Boots of Ostara Liquid Tanks Speed Paths
Custom Crafters Mandala (plugin) Standard Crafting
Decorative Mushroom Blocks Master Crafting[note 1] Standard Liquids
Desire Lines Metallurgy[note 4] + Shamirs[note 5] Sunken Treasure
Enchantment Extractors[note 6] Mysterious Midnights Sweethearts
Ender Hoppers Particles Pack Undead Players


There were several dimensions you could reach in Gamemode 4D. To teleport to different dimensions you would need to use a Mandala at specific places, depending on your intended destination. Below is a list of all permanent dimensions that were present on Gamemode 4D. For a full list of dimensions and links, visit the Mandala page.

Tree map of dimensions showing connections between dimensions
Name Advancement Granted Particle Color
Landings (none) (none)
Overworld World View Destroyed Yellowish Green
Upper Caves Going Down Gray
Lush Life Finds a Way Bright Green
Dark Forest The Witching Hour Bright Purple
Lower Caves Deeper and Deeper Black
Aether Going Up Aqua
Mountains Hope you like Hiking Dark Red
Moon One Small Step Pinkish Gray
Paths Razing a Mountain Yellowish Green

Event Dimensions

Some dimensions were available for a limited time as part of a server event.

Name Advancement Particle Color
Winter Enderland Never Gonna Give You Up White

Vanilla Dimensions

There were several differences between the normal dimensions of Minecraft and the dimensions of Gamemode 4D. The Overworld, Nether, and End had been tweaked to make the survival experience more difficult.


The overworld was altered significantly: the bedrock layer was raised, less ore types could be found, and villagers were not found in this world. Additionally, the two other vanilla dimensions (Nether and End) could not be accessed through this dimension.


The Nether could not be accessed through the Overworld. To reach the Nether, a portal could be built at the very bottom area of Lower Caves. Portals in the Nether had to be below a certain height to properly activate.

The End

The End could not be accessed through the Overworld. To reach the End, a player had to use an End Portal found on the Moon.

Significant Dates and Moments

Date Moment
09 Feb 2017 Bluefire610 starts releasing hints about the server (which was informally known as PSIV).
31 Aug 2017 Public Server III closes.
19 Oct 2017 Play testing for new the server begins.
24 Oct 2017 The server name and official release date are announced.
10 Nov 2017 The server opens and most dimensions are discovered.
13 Nov 2017 The new Liquid Tanks recipe is found.
17 Nov 2017 The End Portal is discovered on the Moon.
18 Nov 2017 Server closes for 1 day due to crash.

Bugs fixed: join message errors, randomly respawning at (0, 0), unsafe travel.

27 Nov 2017 Paths dimension is discovered.
05 Dec 2017 Winter Event Dimension:

Players can connect to a winterized End platform, complete with Christmas decor and a relatively tough parkour course.

19 Dec 2017 The Ender Dragon was killed but its dragon egg was not dropped.
16 Jan 2018 The Winter Event Dimension closes.
07 April 2018 Dark Forest dimension discovered.
13 Oct 2018 Gamemode 4D's closing and Public Server V's opening are announced on YouTube.
29 Oct 2018 Gamemode 4D closes.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Blast Furnaces and Master Crafting only functioned in Upper Caves.
  2. Zauber Cauldrons could be created in every dimension, but did not have most of their functionality outside of the Dark Forest.
  3. Lightning Rods were only craftable in the Dark Forest, but worked in every dimension other than Upper Caves, Lower Caves, and the Nether.
  4. The custom ores added by Metallurgy were only obtainable in Upper Caves.
  5. The Conduction shamir did not work in Upper Caves, Lower Caves, or the Nether.
  6. Enchantment Extractors only functioned in the Dark Forest.