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Zauber Liquids

Module TypeExpansion
Created bySpecialBuilder32
Required ModulesLiquid Tanks, Zauber Cauldrons
Compatible MC Versions1.15+

This module adds Zauber liquids and their utility interactions to Liquid Tanks.



Below is a list of the potions, and the amount of liquid they add to their corresponding tank. A Zauber Potion will fill 1/3 of a bucket to the tank. If a Zauber Soulution (9 sips) is put into the tank, 3 buckets will be filled instead.

Type of Tank Potion Amount of Liquid
Zauber Strength Strength IV (1:30) 1/3 Bucket
Zauber Regeneration Regeneration IV (0:22)

Speed III (0:16)

1/3 Bucket
Zauber Swiftness Speed IV (3:20)

Weakness IV (6:00)

1/3 Bucket
Zauber Healing Instant Health IV

Nausea (0:08)

1/3 Bucket
Zauber Poison Poison IV (0:32) 1/3 Bucket
Zauber Leaping Jump Boost IV (1:30) 1/3 Bucket
Zauber Harming Instant Damage IV 1/3 Bucket

Wormhole Tanks

Type of Tank Potion Amount of Liquid
Wormhole Wormhole in a Bottle 1/3 Bucket

Wormholes can be put into a liquid tank to create a Wormhole Tank. Wormhole tanks will allow any living entity to consume the wormhole, teleporting to the location of the wormhole.

Wormholes can be mixed using Wormhole Tanks; the following behavior occurs when combining different wormhole locations:

Wormhole Tanks will take the average of itself and the added wormhole. E.g. if a Wormhole for (1, 1, 1) was put in first, then a Wormhole for (3, 1, 3) was put in second, the location of the Wormhole Tank would be (2, 1, 2). If another Wormhole is then put into the Tank that has (2, 1, 2) stored, it would take the average of (2, 1, 2) and the location of the added Wormhole.

The dimension of the wormhole tank will always be the first wormhole that was put into an empty tank. E.g. if a wormhole to the end is put in first, any additional wormholes would not affect which dimension the entity would teleport to, only the location.

Soul Fire

Placing soul fire underneath a Zauber Liquid tank will allow Soulutions to be extracted instead of single sip potions/wormholes.

Utility Interactions

Potion Tanks and Entities

Players or mobs under a potion tank will be affected with the potion effect corresponding to the contents of the tank, as if they had drunken one bottle of that potion. The duration of the effect is the same as a normal, bottled zauber potion would give. The tank will continue to use potion roughly once per second to any players or mobs below them, unless the player or mob already has the effect with matching amplitude[1].

Item frames, items, and armor stands will not consume potion from a tank.

Wormhole Tanks and Entities

Players or mobs under a wormhole tank will be teleported to the location of the tank, as if they had drunken a wormhole taken from the tank.

Item frames, items, and armor stands will not consume wormhole from a tank.

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Version Date Change
1.12 10 Nov 2017 Alpha version of Zauber Liquids installed on Gamemode 4D
1.15 12 Apr 2020 Officially Released Zauber Liquids
1.16 21 Nov 2020 Added Wormhole Liquids
Zauber Tanks with soul fire beneath them will now fill empty bottles with 9 sips of liquid
  1. Healing and Harming are always consumed.