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Potion Liquids

Module TypeExpansion
Created bySpecialBuilder32
Required ModulesLiquid Tanks
Compatible MC Versions1.12+

This module adds potions and their utility interactions to Liquid Tanks.



Instant Health Potion Tank
Leaping Potion Tank

Below is a list of the potions, and the amount of liquid each potion adds to their corresponding tank. A unextended potion will fill 1/3 of a bucket to the tank, while an extended potion will fill 1 bucket to the tank. Draining a tank will always give an unextended version of the potion.

Type of Tank Potion Amount of Liquid
Regeneration Regeneration I (0:45) 1/3 Bucket
Regeneration I (1:30) 1 Bucket
Regeneration II Regeneration II (0:22) 1/3 Bucket
Instant Health Instant Health I 1/3 Bucket
Instant Health II Instant Health II 1/3 Bucket
Strength Strength I (3:00) 1/3 Bucket
Strength I (8:00) 1 Bucket
Strength II Strength II (1:30) 1/3 Bucket
Fire Resistance Fire Resistance I (3:00) 1/3 Bucket
Fire Resistance I (8:00) 1 Bucket
Poison Poison I (0:45) 1/3 Bucket
Poison I (1:30) 1 Bucket
Poison II Poison II (0:22) 1/3 Bucket
Jump Boost Jump Boost I (3:00) 1/3 Bucket
Jump Boost I (8:00) 1 Bucket
Jump Boost II Jump Boost II (1:30) 1/3 Bucket
Invisibility Invisibility I (3:00) 1/3 Bucket
Invisibility I (8:00) 1 Bucket
Instant Damage Instant Damage I 1/3 Bucket
Instant Damage II Instant Damage II 1/3 Bucket
Night Vision Night Vision I (3:00) 1/3 Bucket
Night Vision I (8:00) 1 Bucket
Weakness Weakness I (1:30) 1/3 Bucket
Weakness I (4:00) 1 Bucket
Slowness Slowness I (1:30) 1/3 Bucket
Slowness I (4:00) 1 Bucket
Slowness IV Slowness IV (0:20) 1/3 Bucket
Swiftness Speed I (3:00) 1/3 Bucket
Speed I (8:00) 1 Bucket
Swiftness II Speed II (1:30) 1/3 Bucket
Water Breathing Water Breathing I (3:00) 1/3 Bucket
Water Breathing I (8:00) 1 Bucket
Levitation Levitation I (0:15) 1/3 Bucket

Utility Interactions

Potion Tanks and Entities

Witch Filling up a Regeneration Potion Tank

Players or mobs under a potion tank will be affected with the potion effect corresponding to the contents of the tank, as if they had drunken one bottle of that potion. The duration of the effect is 15 seconds longer than the unextended, bottled version. The tank will continue to use potion roughly once a second to any players or mobs below them, unless the player or mob already has the effect with matching amplitude[1]. Item frames, items, and armor stands will not consume potions from a tank.

Shulker filling up a Floating Potion Tank

Potion Tanks and Witches

Witches put above tanks will slowly fill a tank below them with either Regeneration, Fire Resistance, Speed, or Instant Damage Potions, adding at a rate of one potion per five minutes. A witch will not fill a tank with more than three buckets of potion. If a witch is placed above an empty tank, the selected potion will be random between the 4 possible potions.

Levitation Tanks and Shulkers

Shulkers put above an empty or levitation tank will slowly add levitation potions to the tank at a rate of one bottle every five minutes.


Advancement Requirement
Fizzy Lifting Drink
Come on in, the air's fine
Drink a Potion of Floating produced by a Shulker

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Version Date Change
1.12 20 May 2018 Released Potion Liquids
  1. Healing and Harming are always consumed.