Standard Crafting

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Standard Crafting

Module TypeStand Alone
Created bySparks
Last Updated bySpecialBuilder32
Complementary ModulesAuto Crafting, Forming Press
Compatible MC Versions1.8+

This module adds some additional crafting recipes for vanilla items, using Custom Crafters.



This module adds the ability to craft the following items in a Custom Crafter.

Item Name Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter)
Gravel Flint
Red Sand Sand + Red Dye
Sand Any Sandstone
Cobweb String + Slimeball
Horse Armour (Non-Leather) Iron Ingot

Gold Ingot + Leather

Matching Block Any Stairs
Matching Block Any Slabs
Enchanted Golden Apple Gold Block + Apple
Quartz Quartz Block
String Any Wool Block
Amethyst Shard Amethyst Block
Pointed Dripstone Dripstone Block

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Version Date Change
1.8 09 Feb 2015 Released Standard Crafting
1.9-1.10 27 Jan 2016 Added Enchanted Golden Apple recipe
1.13 19 Nov 2018 Some recipe changes
31 Jan 2019

(Update by Lue)

Added smooth stone recipe
1.14 01 Dec 2019 Added quartz block decrafting recipe
1.15 02 May 2020 Gravel can now be crafted in a 1:1 ratio with flint
All sandstone types can now be converted to sand
Added slab de-crafting recipes
Removed Smooth Stones crafting, as it is available in survival now
1.17 20 Aug 2021 Copper and Deepslate Slabs and Stair recipes added
Sandstone Slab to Sand recipes removed
23 Aug 2021 Amethyst Blocks and Dripstone Blocks can be decrafted

Previous Versions

MC 1.8 Versions

In the MC 1.8 Version, there was no recipe for the enchanted golden apple, as it was craftable in a normal crafting table.

MC 1.8-1.12 Versions

The MC 1.8-1.12 Versions had slightly different crafting recipes: inputs that had one item in the top left slot would be in the middle slot instead, and stairs -> blocks would require 4 stairs in the middle slot. The recipes were changed in the 1.13 version upon adding multi-crafting to the custom crafters base module. Additionally, podzol and packed ice were craftable with this module, and Smooth Sandstone could not be crafted in this version.

1.9-1.12 Removed Crafting Recipes

Item Name Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter) Additional Notes
Packed Ice Ice + Snow Block
Podzol Leaves + Grass Block
Oak, Birch, Jungle, and Spruce leaves can be combined

or Dark Oak and Acacia leaves can be combined

MC 1.13-1.14 Versions

Prior to 1.15, the Smooth Stones could be crafted with a custom crafter. This was removed because those blocks became craftable in a normal crafting table. Additionally, stairs would output 6 blocks instead of 4, slabs could not be uncrafted,

1.13-1.14 Removed Crafting Recipes

Item Name Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter) Additional Notes
Gravel Flint
Matching Block Any Stairs
Smooth Stone Slab
Works for stone, quartz, sandstone, and red sandstone.

MC 1.17 Version

Sandstone Slab to Sand variants were removed

Item Name Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter) Additional Notes
Sand Any Sandstone Slab