Auto Crafting

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Auto Crafting

Module TypeStand Alone
Created byBluePsychoRanger
Complementary ModulesRelocators
Compatible MC Versions1.19+

This module adds the Auto Crafting Table to the game, a multiblock structure that allows for crafting of recipes by redstone. This module also adds all vanilla crafting recipes to Custom Crafters (and thereby also Auto Crafting Tables).


The Auto Crafting Table can craft items upon a redstone pulse. To do this, set the recipe shape within the user interface (any item may be used to set the shape!), and then supply the recipe ingredients in left-to-right top-to-bottom order.

Crafting & Multi-Block Structure

The Auto Crafting Table Controller can be crafted in a Custom Crafter with the following recipe and must be integrated into a multi-block structure:

Auto Crafting Table Controller


Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter)
Auto Crafter Copper Ingot +

2 Redstone Dust +

Custom Crafter +

Redstone Comparator

Auto Crafter

Multi-Block Structure Required Materials
Block Description
888888888 Eight wooden stairs (any) around the top and bottom of the structure, facing outward.
2 Two barrels, one on the top and one at the bottom of the structure.
2 Two glass blocks placed on opposing faces.
A Piston placed opposite the Auto Crafter, facing inwards.
An Auto Crafter placed opposite the piston, facing outwards.
A depiction of an Auto Crafter multi-block structure.
An Auto Crafter. Notably, the structure has its input on the top (Barrel) and output at the bottom (Barrel). The Auto Crafter Controller is only used to set the shape of the recipe and should not be interacted with by automation. The wood type does not matter.
Construction of the multiblock structure.
Construction of the multiblock structure. Shown with the optional Resource Pack.


Setting the Recipe Shape

Configure the recipe that the Auto Crafter will follow inside the Auto Crafter block's interface. Place any item into each slot that the crafting recipe uses, so that the overall shape matches the recipe. Note that the type of item used to configure the shape in the Auto Crafting Controller does not matter, as the interface only sets the shape of the recipe, not the materials used. For example configurations see Example Shape Configurations

Supplying Ingredients

Supply the materials required for the recipe into the input barrel on the top of the multi-block structure. These ingredients must be provided in order: left-to-right top-to-bottom. For instance, to craft a diamond shovel, the diamond must be supplied before the two sticks.

Power the Piston

Activate the crafter by powering the piston with redstone. This will craft the item and put it inside the output barrel at the bottom of the bottom of the multi-block structure. If the crafting fails (either by missing ingredients, incorrect input order, or invalid shape), then all the ingredients will be sent to the output barrel unchanged.

Example Shape Configurations
Configured Shape Possible Recipes (Examples)

Set Shape

Set Shape

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Version Date Change
1.19 22 Aug 2022 Released Auto Crafting