Crossbow Cartridges

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Crossbow Cartridges

Module TypeStand Alone
Created byDenniss
Compatible MC Versions1.14+

This modules allows players to shoot various items from a crossbow.


Launching a Pufferfish

Certain items, when held in the offhand, can be launched by shooting a crossbow. When the player shoots the arrow, the item and the arrow will be consumed.

Valid Items

Below is a list of all items that can be shot from the offhand.

Item Additional Details
Bucket of aquatic mob The player is left with a bucket of water (only if the aquatic mob is launched)
Splash Potions

Lingering Potions

All potion data is stored.

Note: Due to a visual bug, the potion might not be visible mid-air

TNT A primed TNT is launched
Fire Charge A small fireball is fired at high speed without gravity
Torch (Any type) A torch is placed on the block it lands on if possible;

otherwise, a torch item will drop at the location

String (Tripwire) Only if the player is standing inside a tripwire hook;
  • Tripwire can be placed up to 40 blocks long.
  • If a tripwire hook is present in the player's inventory, it will be placed at the end of the tripwire line on a solid block if possible.
Bee Hive / Bee Nest Only if in offhand, bee will be shot and the total count in the hive/nest will decrease. All players within 15 blocks of the fired bee will here the sting sound.


If the crossbow has the Multishot enchantment, some of the items make use of the functionality:

  • TNT, Fire Charges, and Torches can shoot up to 3 of this item, taking 1 item from the player for each of these.
  • Buckets of Fish/Axolotl will shoot 2 additional "dead" duplicates to the side, which disappear shortly after and are purely visual.
  • Bee Hive / Bee Nest can shoot up to 3 bees, removing them the nest/hive respectively.

Spectral and Tipped Arrows

Besides normal arrows, some of the functionality of the special arrows works as well:

  • Spectral Arrows: The glowing effect is applied to the launched entity.
  • Tipped Arrows: The effect on the tipped arrow is applied to the launched entity, although this is only effective on a mob in a bucket.

Technical Details

The items as projectiles will copy the exact motion as the arrow would have had.

When shooting a torch however, the arrow will still be shot. If an entity is hit instead of a block, the arrow/torch will be lost.


Advancement Requirement
Sealife Slingshot
Launch an aquatic animal using a crossbow
Hold a mob in a bucket in the offhand when shooting a crossbow
Almost a Grappling Hook
Create a 40-block long tripwire circuit using a crossbow
Hold at least 40 string in the offhand with a tripwire hook in your inventory, when shooting a crossbow, to create a maximum size tripwire circuit

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Previous Versions

MC 1.14 Version

In the MC 1.14 Version string could not be fired with a crossbow.


Version Date Change
1.14 01 Dec 2019 Released Crossbow Cartridges
1.15 05 Aug 2020 Added tripwire
1.17 23 Aug 2021 Added TNT, Axolotl, and more torches
1.18 08 Feb 2022 Added functionality of Multishot, Spectral/Tipped Arrows
1.20 12 Jun 2023 Added firing bees from beehive in offhand