Book Binders

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Book Binders

Module TypeStand Alone
Created bySparks and Bloo
Compatible MC Versions1.15+

Adding this module to your world will add extra functionality to lecterns to make storing enchanted books less of a hassle.



Installing this module allows to you split enchanted books into enchanted pages and bind those pages back into enchanted books for easy sorting and storage using any lectern. Lecterns placed down (once the module is installed) have a small spot on the lectern table that any item can be placed on by right-clicking. You can still place books and use lecterns normally for reading by clicking elsewhere on the lectern to place a readable book.

Tearing up a book

Pages are never lost by the lectern so there is no risk of losing your enchants. The only cost is in the leather required to bind pages back into a book.

Removing Book Bindings

To rip up an enchanted book into separate pages, place an enchanted book on a lectern by right-clicking the center of the lectern's top. The enchanted book will briefly appear on the table before being ripped apart. The individual enchanted pages will be spat out by the lectern (unless there is a hopper beneath it). Enchanted pages cannot be used directly to apply enchants in an anvil, they will need to be bound back into a book before they can be used and are intended for sorting and storing enchantments.

Binding a New Enchanted Book

Binding multiple pages together

You can bind any number and combinations of enchanted pages into a book by right-clicking the top of the lectern with an enchanted page. The page will briefly appear on the table before being stored in the lectern's inventory. Once you have fed the lectern all of the pages you want for the book, place a piece of leather on the lectern to bind the pages together. The leather will briefly appear on the table and then an enchanted book will be dropped by the lectern.


A hopper placed so that it is feeding into the back of a lectern will also be able to feed items in to the lectern for you, and a hopper placed below will pick up the output items if it has space. The back of the lectern is the only space that will accept a hopper input.


When a lectern is broken, it will drop a lectern, any enchanted pages that were stored in its inventory and any item that was being displayed on the lectern.

Technical Details

Enchanted pages will actually be enchanted with the corresponding enchantment, meaning enchantments such as thorns, knockback, looting, etc will actually have an effect when on pages.

Lecterns with a written book displayed on top won't process books or pages for binding. Therefore, it is less performance-intensive on large servers to have decorative lecterns with books open on them if you're not using them for binding.


Advancement Requirement
Ain't Got Rhythm
Set up a Book Binder
Place a lectern
Tearing Up!
Get your first enchanted page
Split an enchanted book into pages using a lectern
Curse of Binding
Publish your first Enchanted Book
Create an enchanted book using enchanted pages and leather with a lectern.

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Version Date Change
1.15 24 Mar 2020 Added a beta version of Book Binders to the Gamemode 4 Public Server 6
01 Apr 2020 Released Book Binders