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Public Server V (a.k.a. PSV) is the fifth server owned by AccidentalGames to give fans of Gamemode 4 a vanilla survival server to play with Gamemode 4's many modules (a list is provided below). The server was officially opened on November 10th, 2018.

This server is the second official Gamemode 4 server to be fully public and without a whitelist.

All players are expected to know and abide by a set of rules listed on the official Gamemode 4 website. Failure to do so could result in punishment.

Player Ranks[edit | edit source]

There are three player ranks on the server. Ranks are not progression-based, nor do ranks confer additional survival features.

  • Donor - Donors have a gold-coloured name. One-time donation players receive this rank for a month, patrons (pledged via Patreon) of the server have the rank until the end of their patronage.
  • Moderator - Indicated by a red "M" in front of their names, Moderators can check for griefers and thieves on a server, teleport to players in need, and rollback damage. These are assigned by the Admins.
  • Admin - Indicated by a red "A" in front of their aqua-coloured names, Admins are responsible for the running of the server. They have operator permissions, and can add, modify, or remove Gamemode 4 modules.

Description[edit | edit source]

PSV contains 3 main spawn towns. It also features many custom biomes hand-built by the staff team. Players are randomly spawned in one of the three towns when they first join the server. The main feature of Public Server V is the portal travel system and the cryptic runes. Additionally in PSV, beneficial modules needed to be activated by shrines containing puzzles and challenges.

Installed Modules[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of the known modules installed on PSV.

Installed Modules Pre-Generated
Ambrosia Harvest Moons Poses Pack Weighted Armour Cooler Caves
Arborenda Shamir Heart Canisters Potion Liquids XP Storage Dangerous Dungeons
Bat Grenades Helios Shamir Potion Swords Zauber Cauldrons Orbis
Better Armour Stands Holographic Tags Record Crafting Zauber Liquids Tower Structures
Block Compressors Hypexperia Shamir Resurrecting Skeletons Ziprails
Boots of Ostara Ink Spitting Squid Resurrecting Zombies
Cement Mixers Lightning Rods SCUBA Gear
Chairs Liquid Minecarts Sensus Shamir
Conduction Shamir Liquid Tanks Spawner Minecarts
Custom Crafters Master Crafting Spiraculum Shamir
Defuse Shamir Mending Tanks Speed Paths
Desire Lines Metallurgy Standard Crafting
Enchantment Extractors Mob Conversion Standard Liquids
End Fishing Moneo Shamir Sunken Treasure
Ender Bolt Shamir Musical Shamir Tinker Shamir
Ender Hoppers Mysterious Midnights Tinkering Compressors
Enderman Support Class Nightmare Nights Tipped Skeletons
Falling Stars Note Block Interface Tunnel Bores
Forterra Shamir Particles Pack Undead Players
Gemini Shamir Phantom Scarecrows Vertical Rails

Seed Random Values[edit | edit source]

Some modules have values that are randomized by the world's seed. Listed below is these random values of the PSV world.

Type Module(s) Value(s)
Normal Flowers Zauber Cauldrons, Spawner Minecarts poppies, red tulips, oxeye daisies, white tulips, dandelions
Poisonous Flowers Zauber Cauldrons, Spawner Minecarts blue orchids, alliums, azure bluets, orange tulips, pink tulips
Amount of popped chorus fruit for Wormhole Zauber Cauldrons 46
Amount of chorus fruit for Wormhole Zauber Cauldrons 7

Spawn Towns[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of the spawn towns of PSV. Upon joining the server for the first time, the player is assigned a random spawn town.

Town Name Biome Coordinates
Beach Town Beach (2000, 2000)
Mountain Town Mountains (1126,-388)
Savanna Savanna (-1132,1373)

Custom Biomes[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of the known custom biomes of PSV. These have been hand-built by the Gamemode 4 staff.

Biome Name Description Coordinates
Burning Mushroom Swamp Lava and many giant nether wart mushrooms, dotted with magma blocks.
Desert Spikes Normal desert biome with large sandstone spikes jutting out of the ground.
Floating Islands Clustered Sky Islands containing oak trees, stone, and grass blocks. 200 600
Frozen Forest Like a regular forest, but covered in snow. Borders Mountain Town.
Geyser Basin Large area made of stone and white concrete, with pools of heated water. Some pools have water is "erupting" out of them.
Glacier A landmass covered in a thick layer of ice and its derivatives.
Glacial Spikes Glacier biome with large icicles jutting out randomly, and frozen trees (not to be confused with a Vanilla Ice Spike Biome).
Meteorite Crater Blown up crater with netherrack, coarse dirt, obsidian and lava. -1000 635
Mushroom Swamp Like a Burning Mushroom Swamp, but without the lava and magma blocks.
Petrified Forest A forest turned to stone, with petrified trees made cobblestone making up most of the landscape.
Scrublands A plains biome with little vegetation, replaced with sand and coarse dirt.
Orchid Plains A Plains Biome filled with Blue Orchids.

Significant Dates and Moments[edit | edit source]

Date Moment
13 Oct 2018 Public Server V's opening announced on YouTube
08 Nov 2018 Trailer for Public Server V is released on YouTube
10 Nov 2018 Public Server V opens, and an opening announcement is uploaded.

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