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Each spawn town in PSV has a reef which spawns the Hearts of the Town.


Reef of the Beach spawn town

The reefs are made of coral blocks along with coral fans and coral. Reefs will give the player conduit power, allowing better vision and infinite breathing under the water. Each spawn town has a specified coral type.

Spawn Town Biome Coral Type Coordinates
Beach Horn Coral 2040 31 1945
Mountains Tube Coral 1220 48 -340
Savanna Fire Coral -1200 48 1265

Heart of the Town

A Heart of the Town can be used to prime and link portals to each other. For a full documentation of portals, visit the main page.

Planted heart of the town in Mountains spawn town

A reef will spawn a Heart of the Town. Each reef has 3 possible locations where they will spawn a Heart of a Town; each time a Heart spawns, a random location is chosen. The heart of the town can be picked up by right clicking them, while they are planted to the reef.

Alternatively, if a heart of the town is not harvested by a player after 10 minutes, it will pop off as an item, which can be picked up by players or hoppers. The heart of the town item will despawn after about 10 seconds if it is not picked up. Once a heart of the town is harvested or naturally sheds, the reef will spawn a new heart of the town 10 minutes later.

If a heart is placed down, it will die and no longer function as a Heart of the Town.