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SkyBlock4 is a SkyBlock server that is a filler season between Public Server Sky and the Public Server 8. It has taken the classic SkyBlock map and given it a Gamemode 4 spin using Gamemode 4's many modules (a list of this server's included modules is provided below) and even custom SkyBlock-only modules. The server officially opened on November 6th 2021.

All players are expected to know and abide by a set of rules listed on the official Gamemode 4 website. Failure to do so could result in punishment.

Player Ranks

There are four player ranks on the server. Ranks are not progression-based, nor do ranks confer additional survival features.

  •  Donor  - Donors have a gold-coloured name. One-time donors receive this rank for a month, patrons (pledged via Patreon) of the server have the rank until the end of their patronage. Donors can nickname themselves with the command /nick [name], reset with /resetnick, and their real usernames can be found with /realname [nickname].
  •  S Staff  - Indicated by a green "S" in front of their names, they are on the Gamemode 4 Staff team, but do not have additional powers on the server.
  •  M Moderator  - Indicated by a red "M" in front of their names, Moderators can check for griefers and thieves on a server, teleport to players in need, and rollback damage. These are assigned by the Admins.
  •  M System Admin  - Indicated by a green "M" in front of their names, they can do everything the Moderators can do but also help with the upkeep of the server.
  •  A Admin  - Indicated by a red "A" in front of their aqua-coloured names, Admins are responsible for the running of the server. They have operator permissions, and can add, modify, or remove Gamemode 4 modules.


The spawn island for SkyBlock4 is a modified version of the floating island used for Public Server Sky's Electric Sparks Awards, which contains a Post Office, a minecart track circling the island, and various displays for information regarding SkyBlock and Gamemode 4. There are also plushies and statues scattered throughout the island, featuring the staff members at the time.

Players can create their own island using a plugin, accessed through /island commands. The commands allowed players to invite or join a friend, and allow or restrict island visitors certain permissions.

Upon creating an island, players are given a choice between two islands: Normal, which contains all of the classic SkyBlock items, and Challenge, which removed the Apple Tree sapling, Beetroot Seeds, and the Nether Ice block. The island itself is a custom island that looks like the Gamemode 4 logo: A grass layer withe the logo, sand layer, then dirt layer, with blue concrete powder in the sand layer where the holes are. The center hole contained the barrel, on top of island's bedrock, and a tree was on the corner of the island.

Barrel Contents
Ice 10 Obsidian (x10) Beetroot Seeds[1]
Bucket of Lava Guidebook Apple Tree sapling[1]
Melon Cactus
Pumpkin Sugar Cane

Installed Modules

Below is a list of the known modules installed on SkyBlock4. Related expansions can be found under their base module.

Installed modules
Apple Trees Display Frames Sunken Treasure
Bat Grenades Enchantment Extractors Mob Conversion Sweethearts
Ender Hoppers Note Block Interface Trapped Signs
Book Binders Enderman Support Class Orb of Ankou Undead Players
Boots of Ostara Everstone Pig Tractors Vertical Rails
Chairs Guidebook Podzol Rooting Soil Weighted Armour
Chest Boats Heart Canisters Potion Swords XP Storage
Cozy Campfires Holographic Tags SCUBA Gear Zauber Cauldrons
Ink Spitting Squid Smelteries Ziprails
Desire Lines Soul Glass
Disassemblers Live Catch Speed Paths

Seed Random Values

Some modules have values that are randomized by the world's seed.
Listed below are these random values of the SkyBlock4 world.
Module(s) Type Value(s)
Orb of Ankou Soul Shard Creation

Significant Dates and Moments

Date Moment
26th September 2021 SkyBlock4 is announced.
23rd October 2021 Public Server Sky closes.
6th November 2021 SkyBlock4 opens to the public in Minecraft 1.17.1.
11th November 2021 The End opened.
4 years since Gamemode 4D, and 3 years since Public Server V.
12th December 2021 SkyBlock4 closes.
  1. 1.0 1.1 Not on Challenge islands