Chest Boats

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Boat Chests

Module TypeStand Alone
Created byMichaelMiner137
Compatible MC Versions1.17-1.18

This module allows chest minecarts to merge into boats to create a boat with chest.


To create a Chest Boat, simply push a Chest Minecart towards a Boat. The boat will become equipped with the chest, and players can ride around with their supplies. Chest boats can only hold one other passenger, since the chest takes up one passenger seat. To remove the chest, simply break the chest minecart in the boat, or the boat itself.


Advancement Requirement
Swimming Storage
Push a chest inside of a boat.
Push a chest minecart into a boat

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Version Date Change
1.17 16 Oct 2021 Released Chest Boats
1.19 25 July 2022 Module marked as discontinued