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=== Past Public Servers ===
=== Past Public Servers ===
* [[SkyBlock4]]
* [[SkyBlock4]]
*[[Public Server|Public Server Sky]]  
*[[Public Server Sky|Public Server Sky]]  
** [[Public Server#Installed Modules|Installed Modules]]
** [[Public Server#Installed Modules|Installed Modules]]
** [[Public Server Sky/Flowertown|Flowertown]]
** [[Public Server Sky/Flowertown|Flowertown]]

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Gamemode 4 is a collection of Minecraft command modules designed to change and enhance the survival experience. Each module adds a set of custom features to the game. Modules vary in size, some adding small features like exploding bats or naturally generating paths, while others add complex mechanics such as magic potion brewing or custom ores. Each module is carefully balanced and designed to work well for survival game play, as well as compliment other modules. Gamemode 4 modules can be downloaded for Minecraft 1.13+ as data packs.

Gamemode 4 was originally created by Sparks, but is now open source on Github. Gamemode 4 is run by Sparks Twitter Logo Blue.svg, Spider Twitter Logo Blue.svg, Bloo___ Twitter Logo Blue.svg, SpecialBuilder32 Twitter Logo Blue.svg, and Misode Twitter Logo Blue.svg.

Installing Gamemode 4

To install Gamemode 4 modules onto your server or single player world, download the data pack from the Gamemode 4 website and insert the data pack zip folder into the datapacks folder in the world you wish to install the module in. For a step-by-step walk-through on installing data packs, see the video below.

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Gamemode 4 Additions

Gamemode 4: Ruins



Current Server

Gamemode 4 Resource Pack


Staff Team

Past Public Servers

Social Media Links

  • GM4Official Twitter: @GM4Official Twitter Logo Blue.svg
  • Sparks Twitter: @SparksTheGamer Twitter Logo Blue.svg