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Public Server II (a.k.a PSII) was the second public white-listed server owned by Accidental Games to give fans of Gamemode 4 a vanilla survival server to play with the many command-block modules (a list is provided below). The server was officially opened on September 13th 2015 and closed on May 21st 2016.

Although the server was public, players needed to apply via application form to be white-listed.


PSII had three spawn towns: Ice Spikes, Mesa and Grassland. Players were randomly spawned in one of the three towns when they first joined the server, and they were able to travel between them via walking or by Teleporters.

Teleporters were found in the hub of each town and costed 5 XP levels to travel using them.

There were monthly events, featuring cameo modules, boss fights, or a scavenger hunts.

Installed Modules

Below is a list of the modules installed on PSII

Installed modules Pre-Generated
Bat Grenades Decorative Mushroom Blocks Standard Crafting Cooler Caves
Better Armor Stands Enderman Support Class Teleport Halo[note 1] Orbis
Better Beds[note 1] Heart Canisters Teleporters[note 1] Dangerous Dungeons
Blast Furnaces Ink Spitting Squid Undead Players Tower Structures
Boots of Ostara Liquid Tanks Unstable Ender Dimension Holes[note 1]
Custom Crafters Master Crafting XP Storage
Desire Lines Pig Tractors


Below is a list of of the known towns on PSII. A town could be established by any player but needed at least four players to be a part of it.

Town Name Description
Ald Isle Ald Isle was located on an island which mainly comprised of plains and oak forests.
Amestris Amestris was located on an island covered by Extreme Hills.

The theme of the town revolved around spruce wood and different types of stone, such as granite or diorite.

Atlantis The main build pallet for Atlantis was Prismarine and orange tones (mainly sandstone and Acacia Wood).
DMD DMD was located in a Mega Taiga biome and was set along the coast, with a classic forest-style building theme
Ice Spikes Ice Spikes was the smallest of the three main spawn towns. It's last mayor was Jonpot
Mesa Mesa was the largest of the three spawn towns. It's last mayor was Raffhork09
New Hope New Hope was divided into three sections: Roofed Forest, Plains, Mountain
Oasis City Oasis City was being worked on and a medieval village - in the Savanna biome- was being planned.
Paw Peaks Paw Peaks was situated in a hilly, icy biome, just outside the boundaries of Ice Spikes
Perron Perron was made up of 4 nice biomes - Extreme Hills, Plains, Roofed Forest and a Swamp
Plains Plains (sometimes called Plainstown or Grassland) was one of three spawn towns. It's last mayor was Dordir8
Res Novae Res Novae was an island port town located west from Mesa.
Russia Russia was a PSII town, consisting of a pristine frozen wasteland.
Tahiti Tahiti was created as a place of beauty, while mixing fun, style and creativity.
Terra Somnia Terra Somnia was a town on the Public Server II around the central part of the map.
ToxicSpider ToxicSpider was a town on the Public Server II, ran by TheSneakingSpider and T0xicFury



Significant Dates and Moments

Date Moment
13 Sep 2015 Server reopened and reset.
10 Oct 2015 Upgraded server for less lag.
Sep 2015 Ender Dragon Fight.
Oct 2015 Halloween Event.
Dec 2015 Five Days of Christmas.
Jan 2016 Null Event.
Feb 2016 Zombie Event.
05 Mar 2016 First quest released.
30 Apr 2016 Server reset announced.
17 May 2016 Live-streamed Server Tour.
21 May 2016 Server closed.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Better Beds, Teleport Halos, PSII Teleporters, and Unstable Ender Dimension Holes were server exclusive modules and not released to the public.