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Public Server I (a.k.a. PSI) was the first public white-listed server owned by Accidental Games to give fans of Gamemode 4 a vanilla survival server to play with the many command-block modules (a list is provided below). The server was officially opened on March 16th 2015 and closed August 29th 2015.

Although the server was public, players needed to apply via application form to be white-listed.


The PSI world was pre-rendered using the custom terrain module. This was the main attraction of PSI, as Custom Terrain was the most popular feature of GM4 at the time.

Installed Modules

Below is a list of the modules installed on PSI

Installed Modules Pre-Generated
Bat Grenades Disassemblers Spawner Minecarts Orbis
Better Beds[note 1] Enderman Support Class Standard Crafting Cooler Caves
Better Armour Stands Heart Canisters Sunken Treasure
Blast Furnaces Ink Spitting Squid TNT Landmines
Boots of Ostara Liquid Tanks Undead Players
Custom Crafters Master Crafting Vertical Rails
Decorative Mushroom Blocks Ninja Smoke Balls Weighted Armour
Desire Lines Pig Tractors XP Storage


Below is a list of of the known towns on PSI. A town could be established by any player but needed at least four players to be a part of it.

Town Name Description
Ald Shore It is based on a beach shore of a roofed forest. Houses can be found either under or over the leaves
Barnarnia Banarnia was an island resembling the United Kingdom in shape.
Patchtown Patchtown was the main town of Public Server I.



Significant Dates and Moments

Date Moment
16 Mar 2015 Server Opened to the GM4 Community.
22 Mar 2015 Ender dragon is fought on stream
Apr 2015 Added Liquid Tanks, Disassembler and Better Armour Stands.
May 2015 Added Blast Furnaces and Better Beds.
June 2015 Added Boots of Ostara and Minecart Spawners.
July 2015 Server reset confirmed. Added Pig Tractors as secret module.
29 Aug 2015 50 Wither end battle and shut down the server.


  1. Better Beds was a server exclusive module and not released to the public