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Epyon Render.png
Other names_Epyon, sushi, cake
OccupationFull-Time Student,
The Neighbourhood Founder
Years active2016, 2020 - present

About Me

Heyo, I have been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.7.3. I first joined Gamemode 4 during its last whitelisted server on Public Server III, but only ended up playing for a month or so. Since the end of Public Server V, I have since rejoined the community and plan to stay. I enjoy reading wikis and updating information. As a result, I learned to edit MediaWiki on a previous server I frequented before its decline.

Submitted Modules

Display Frames: Allows you to make an item frame invisible.


You can contact me through:

  • in-game DMs (if I am not AFK)
  • in-game mail, book and quills via the Post Office module
  • Discord by pinging me @Epyon, @sushi, or some form of that (Tag: Epyon#8962)
  • Direct Message, by using whatever name of mine you find on Gamemode 4's Discord server

Additional Links

My Sandbox


End Fishing Revamp

PS6/Getting Started