Lightning in a Bottle

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Lightning in a Bottle

Module TypeStand Alone
Created byTheEpyonProject, BluePsychoRanger and Bloo
Last Updated byJP_12
Compatible MC Versions1.17+

This module allows you to harness and bottle the power of lightning!


A Bottle of Lightning can be brewed in a brewing stand by striking a lightning rod that is directly above (or below!) a brewing stand with Thick Potions. These Bottles of Lightning can then be brewed into Splash and Lingering Bottles of Lightning.

Mobs can be amplified and certain blocks can be animated.

Mob Amplification / Block Animating

Start Result
Pillager Evoker
Evoker Illusioner
Purpur Block Shulker
Prismarine Bricks Guardian

Technical Details

The brewing stand must be newly placed after the module is installed. The brewing stand must have fuel to create Bottles of Lightning.


Advancement Requirement
Drink a Bottle of Lightning
Drink a Bottle of Lightning
It's Alive!
Strike a Purpur Block with lightning to create a Shulker
Be within 6 blocks of a Purpur Block animating into a Shulker

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Version Date Change
1.17 23 Nov 2021 Officially released Lightning in a Bottle