Calling Bell

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Calling Bell

Module TypeStand Alone
Created byTheEpyonProject
Compatible MC Versions1.19+

This module allows you to call for a Wandering Trader by ringing a Bell.


Players holding an Emerald can ring a Bell once a day to summon a Wandering Trader.


The Wandering Traders summoned by Calling Bell will have trades introduced by other lib_trades compatible modules, like Apple Trees or Zauber Cauldrons.

Technical Details

The day clock updates every 20 seconds. This means the player must wait at least 20 seconds after sleeping, before they can call for a new Wandering Trader.

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Version Date Change
1.17 06 Nov 2021 Server exclusive version of Calling Bell released for SkyBlock4
Anyone on the island (including players not part of the island) can summon the one Wandering Trader for the whole island.
1.19 28 Nov 2022 Released Calling Bell