Apple Trees

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Apple Trees

Module TypeStand Alone
Created byBloo, BluePsychoRanger and SpecialBuilder
Complementary ModulesPodzol Rooting Soil
Compatible MC Versions1.16+

This modules adds proper apple trees that generate in forests, or can be grown from saplings.


A naturally generating apple tree

Apple trees will spawn naturally in the world in Forest, Dark Forest, and Flower Forest biomes. Each tree has a handful of apple bearing leaves, usually around three, whose apples can be picked when ripe. Regular oak leaves and dark oak leaves will no longer drop apples.

Apple Growth

Apples grow from a tree's apple-bearing-leaves in three growth stages: unripe, ripe, and fallen. Apples grow one stage each Minecraft day (real-time 20 minutes), meaning that an apple is produced every real-time hour.

In the "unripe" stage, apples on the tree are small and cannot be picked yet. In the "ripe" stage, the apple is large and can be picked by right clicking. In the "fallen" stage, the apple will drop as an item and the leaf will have no visible apple until the "unripe" stage is reached again. The fallen apple items can be picked up by hoppers or any other means.

Apple Tree Saplings

Apple bearing leaves have a 75% chance of dropping an apple tree sapling upon breaking it. Apple tree saplings can be placed and grown just like normal trees, given proper clearance. New apple trees will always spawn with ripe apples, ready to be picked.

Apple tree saplings can also be bought from Wandering Traders for five emeralds.

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Golden Apple Trees

A rare golden apple tree

Very rarely, a Golden Apple Tree can be found naturally generating in the forest biomes. These trees can only spawn during world generation, and have no saplings. Their leaves grow golden apples every 12 days (real time 4 hours). Golden Apple Trees also very slowly grow golden roots, transmuting stone and dirt beneath into golden ore once every few hours. The roots can permanently be killed by mining destroying the very top gold ore block that generates directly below the tree trunk.


Apple tree saplings can be rooted with Podzol Rooting Soil

Technical Details

Apple Trees have the same space requirements to grow as vanilla oak trees.

Apple Tree's shape and location when naturally occurring is seed random, being the same between two worlds with the same seed. Apple trees grown from a sapling are fully random, yielding a different tree shape and apple distribution each time.

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Version Date Change
1.16 26 Jan 2021 Released Apple Trees
22 Feb 2021 Added Wandering Trader Trades for Saplings
1.19 31 Mar 2023 Move from Orbis generation to Minecraft's worldgen

Added Golden Apple Trees