Trapped Signs

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Trapped Signs

Module TypeReliant
Created byFyid
Last Updated byMisode
Required ModulesCustom Crafters
Compatible MC Versions1.8-1.10, 1.13+

This module adds craftable trapped signs that have the ability to emit a weak redstone signal, when right-clicked by a player.


Upon placing a trapped sign and setting the text, the trapped sign will become active.[note 1] The last line will be automatically set to "-x-" if a normal trapped sign is used, and set to an empty line if a Secret Trapped Sign is used. Right clicking a trapped sign will cause redstone dust within range to gain a signal strength of 1 for one game tick. When mined, a trapped sign will drop all items used to craft it.

Technical Details

A trapped sign only powers redstone dust, not repeaters or other redstone devices and only powers dust in certain spots around it. A Wall Sign will power redstone dust directly adjacent to the block it is placed on. A Standing Sign will power redstone dust directly adjacent to the sign, or directly under the block the sign is placed on.


Item Name Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter) Additional Notes
Trapped Sign (x1) Sign + Tripwire Hook + Redstone Dust
Works for all sign types
Secret Trapped Sign (x1) Trapped Sign + Black Dye
Recipe is Shapeless

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Version Date Change
1.8 29 Aug 2015 Released Trapped Signs
1.13 19 Nov 2018 Changed to be a placeable item instead of an item thrown at the sign
29 Apr 2019 Fixed an bug that would clear the sign's text
1.15 26 Dec 2019 Changed recipe to use black dye instead of ink sacs

Previous Versions

MC 1.14 Version

Prior to 1.15, a Secret Trapped Sign is crafted using an Ink Sac instead of a Black Dye. This was changed in 1.15 to match the new dye/item separation.

MC 1.8-1.10 Version

In the MC 1.8-1.10 versions trapped signs were a craftable item that would upgrade previously placed down signs. Below is the crafting recipes for the old trapped sign upgrades. Additionally, when mined, a trapped sign would not drop the items used to craft it.


Item Name Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter) Additional Notes
Trapped Sign (x3) 2x Sign, 2x Tripwire hook, 3x Redstone dust A trapped sign with "-x-" on the last line
Trapped Sign-hidden (x3) 3x Trapped Sign, 4x Ink Sac A trapped sign with a blank last line


  1. There must be at least one character written on the sign to become an active trapped sign.