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Gamemode 4 adds many blocks, items, and entities to the base game of Minecraft. Each listed block, item, or entity is added by the corresponding module as linked as further information. This list does not include items added by discontinued modules or retired modules.


Slime Block

Slime blocks will allow the player to jump higher if consistently jumped on.

Blast Furnace

The blast furnace is a multi block structure which allows for doubling smelted ore outputs.

Block Compressor

The block compressor is an upgraded custom crafter used to compress any stackable item into *16 or *64.

Custom Crafter

The Custom Crafter allows items to be crafted.


The Disassembler is an upgraded custom crafter which can convert weapons, tools, and armour back to their material.

Alchemical Crafter

The Alchemical Crafter is an upgraded custom crafter which allows transmutation of items.

Mastercraftsman's Workbench

The Mastercraftman's Workbench is an upgraded custom crafter which allows items to be crafted.

Natural Paths

Natural paths of dirt and coarse dirt will form from walking players.

Enchantment Extractor

The Enchantment Extractor can pull enchantments off of items and place them onto a book.

Ender Hopper

The Ender Hopper can teleport nearby items on top of itself.

Liquid Tank

The liquid tank can store liquids and XP, and redistribute them for later use.


A shroomite is a block placed by a Mooshroom that can release spores into the air.


Spawners can be converted using mob spawn eggs.

Speed Path

A path block will give the player speed when walked on.

Vertical Rail

A ladder acts as a vertical rail to move minecarts vertically.

Ender Chest

Ender chests act as banks to store a player's XP.

Zauber Cauldron

A zauber cauldron is an upgraded cauldron that can create powerful items.


String connected to a cable link will allow a minecart to travel across it.

Cable Link

A cable link is a tripwire hook that is attached to another tripwire hook by string. Minecarts can attach to a cable using a cable link.


Bat Leather

Bat leather is an item dropped by bats.

Bats will have a 16.67% chance to drop bat leather upon death.

It can be used to craft leather.

Bat Droppings

Bat droppings is obtained by killing bats.

Bats have a 12.5% chance of dropping bat droppings when killed by a player or tamed wolf.

It can be used to repair the elytra and brew a potion of slow falling.

Boots of Ostara

The Boots of Ostara is a craftable item that can be worn on the feet.

Minium Dust

Minium dust is a craftable item used to craft a philosopher's stone.

Inert Stone

An inert stone is a craftable item used to craft a philosopher's stone.

Philosopher's Stones

The Philosopher's stone is a craftable item used for alchemical crafting. It can be upgraded up to Mk IV which is used to craft an ERROR.


An ERROR is a craftable item used to craft the Infinity Tool.

Infinity Tool

The Infinity Tool is a craftable item which is unbreakable and has very powerful enchantments.

Tier 1 Heart Canister

The tier 1 heart canister is a craftable item which adds 2 hearts to the player's health.

Tier 2 Heart Canister

The tier 2 heart canister is a craftable item which adds 2 hearts to the player's health, if 5 tier 1 heart canisters are in the inventory.

Lightning Rod

The lightning rod is a craftable item which can summon lightning and create Shulkers.

Potion Sword

A golden sword acts as a potion sword if the player has a specific potion in the inventory.

Soul Probes Book

The Soul Probes Book is a craftable item used to look up probes and to create spawn eggs.

Empty Spawn Egg

An empty spawn egg is a craftable item used to hold the soul of a mob

Mob Spawn Eggs

Mob spawn eggs can be made with a probe and an empty spawn egg.

Sweetheart Flowers

Flowers can transfer one player's health to another player.

Trapped Sign

A trapped sign is a craftable item that can upgrade a sign to give a weak output signal when right clicked.


Each armour piece will carry some weight which can add up to slow the player down.



Bats will explode if a player gets too close. They will have a modified loot table to drop gunpowder, bat leather, and bat droppings.

Armour Stands

Armour stands can be upgraded using a book and quill.

Flame Arrows

Flame arrows will set blocks on fire.

Ignited Creepers

Creepers on fire with low health will instantly blow up.


Endermen will give buffs to nearby hostile mobs.


Squids will give nearby submerged players blindness.


Shulkers can be created by striking a purpur block with a lightning rod.


Zombie Pigmen can be converted to pigs using a potion of swiftness and golden carrot.


Cows can be converted to mooshrooms using a potion of slowness and mushrooms.

Cows can be converted to mooshrooms upon contact with a spore.


Spores are an entity that can spread mycelium to certain blocks, and turn cows to mooshrooms. Spores spread very slowly, but cannot spread through solid blocks or sunflowers.

They can only be killed by lava, water, cobwebs, and snow, or by expiring before it spreads to a block.


Creepers are assigned a gender and can breed to produce another creeper.

Spawner Minecarts

A spawner minecart can hold a spawner and allow for transportation.

TNT Landmines

A dropped TNT item will turn into a TNT Landmine, and will blow up upon contact with a mob, or breaking the block it is inside.

Undead Players

An undead player will spawn at the death location of a player. It will be able to pick up armour and loot.