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Lumos Shamir
Module TypeExpansion
Created byInternetAlien and Sheepe
Required ModulesMetallurgy
Compatible MC Versions1.15

The Lumos Shamir places torches when the light level is very low.

Features[edit | edit source]

Shamir Properties
Property Equivalence
Metal Band Thorium Brass
Valid Items

Usage[edit | edit source]

When holding a valid tool with the Lumos Shamir, torches from the player's inventory will be placed onto the ground when standing in a block with a light level below 6. Torches will only be placed if a torch can be placed normally on the block. Wall torches cannot be placed with this module.

Learn More and Download[edit | edit source]

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History[edit | edit source]

Version Date Change
1.15 28 May 2020 Released Lumos Shamir