Metallurgy/Audere Shamir

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Audere Shamir

Module TypeExpansion
Created byKattacka
Required ModulesMetallurgy
Compatible MC Versions1.17+

With the Audere Shamir, mining speed increases as the durability of the tool depletes.


Shamir Properties
Property Amplification
Metal Band Barium
Valid Items


While using an Audere tool, Haste is given to the player. The level of haste depends on the remaining tool durability.

Haste Level Remaining Tool Durability
I < 73.6%
II < 27.1%
III < 9.96%
IV < 3.66%

In practice, this results in the following durability ranges dependent on the tool material:

Tool Material Haste Level Working Tool Durability
Wood I 17-43
II 7-16
III 3-6
IV 0-2
Stone I 36-96
II 14-35
III 6-13
IV 0-5
Gold I 10-24
II 4-9
III 2-3
IV 0-1
Iron I 69-184
II 26-68
III 10-25
IV 0-9
Diamond I 424-1148
II 156-423
III 59-155
IV 0-58
Netherite I 551-1494
II 203-550
III 75-202
IV 0-74

Technical Details

The level of haste is determined by the following equation:

<working_tool_durability> = 2 / (e^<haste_level>) * <max tool durability>
<haste level> = ln(2*<max_tool_durability>/<working_tool_durability>)

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Version Date Change
1.17 23 Aug 2021 Released Audere Shamir