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Basic Information
Flowertown is one of the two Spawn Towns on Public Server Sky, alongside Jungletown.
-3880, -1800
BiomeFlower Forest
Tourist Information
Inter-Town Main StationFlowertown Castle
Shopping DistrictEastern Flowertown
Intra-Town Main StationEast Station (access to the Shopping District)
A nighttime view of East Bridge, connecting Flowertown Castle to the Shopping District (East Station).

Flowertown is a flourishing town located in the far north of the map, at -3880, -1800.

Eastern Flowertown is famous for its shops and busy marketplaces. Flowertown citizens are said to be industrious capitalists. They like their markets like they like their people: Free.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Topographical map of Flowertown as of 2021/06/15.

The center of Flowertown is marked by a Flowertown Castle, surrounded on all sides by Lake Floria.

Most inhabitants of the town live on the west side of Lake Floria, where the terrain is mostly flat with small ponds. This flat, wetland-like area is seperate from a large plains biome west of Flowertown by Tal Tal Rock, a small chain of hills on which Tal Tal Tower watches over Flowertown.

To the south of Lake Floria a wide basin stretches all the way to the mountainous region south of Flowertown. This basin is frequently dubbed "Bloo's Depression" by the locals. The depression ends at the Great Plateau to south, where Shrine Station is located.

The northern and western Parts of Flowertown are shaped by quite rough, and hilly terrain on which a plenitude of rare flowers bloom. The hilly terrain in the north is seperated from the hilly terrain in the west by ravine shaped by the floria river, at the end of which a small outskirt called Lumberbridge is found.

In the far west lush caves shape the landscape dominated by Mount Satori.

Citizenship[edit | edit source]

Upon joining Public Server Sky, players are randomly assigned a spawn town. Patreons of Gamemode 4 can chose a spawn town.

Below is a list of notable residents of Flowertown, along with coordinates. The recommended mode of transport is by ziprail.

Notable Residents
IGN Coordinates Nearby Ziprail Station Comments
Blockias & Bloo___ South Station Inside South Station
venomousbirds South Station/West Station From South Station, follow the path northwards to the shore of Lake Floria
Lue Lue Station Lue
Puckmin Thanathor Station Go east from spawn then right after the bridge
Thanathor & raasdonder -3826 75 -1695 Thanathor Station Base extends south until Rivendell

Many of these residents also run shops in Eastern Flowertown, providing materials and tools in exchange for diamonds. Packages can also be sent to players via the Post Office.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Post Office[edit | edit source]

The Flowertown Post Office is located in Flowertown Castle, right at the center of the lake that Flowertown is built around.

To use the Post Office, simply step up to the employee currently on duty.

Postcards[edit | edit source]

There are 6 pieces of the flowertown postcard set to collect by completing various activities around Flowertown. Below is an advancement Tree outlining the various ways one can obtain these postcard pieces.

Flowertown Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Public Transport[edit | edit source]

Ziprails[edit | edit source]

An overview of the Flowertown Ziprail Network as of 2021/06/15. An editable version of the Network can be found here.

Many of the points of interest in Flowertown are connected by the intra-town Ziprail Network. The main line, also called Central Line, takes commuters on a circular round-trip around Flowertown Castle. Central Line has 6 stops, one in each cardinal direction (North Station, East Station, South Station, West Station) as well as a stop in the north-west corner (Tavern Junction) and a stop in the south east corner (Thanathor Station). Some of the cardinal stations provide the option to switch to the inter-town Ziprail Network.

Ice Tunnel[edit | edit source]

Sky Access[edit | edit source]

A couple of blocks south of East Station a sky-lensed Beacon can be found. This provides public access to the sky above flowertown, where the prismarine neighbourhood can be found.