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This module adds the ability to remove colour from items using a water tank.

Washing Tanks
Washing Tanks.svg
Module TypeExpansion
Created byBunnygamers, Misode
Required ModulesLiquid Tanks
Compatible MC Versions1.16+

Features[edit | edit source]

To remove the colour from an item, simply insert a dyed item into the first slot of a water tank. The water tank will wash the item, emptying 1/3 of a bucket from the tank. When an item is washed only the color is removed; all other data including name, lore, items (shulker box), etc. are saved.

Water Tank

The following items will can be washed:

Coloured Item Resulting Item
Coloured Terracotta Terracotta
Bed White Bed
Stained Glass Glass
Stained Glass Pane Glass Pane
Dyed Leather Armour Leather Armour
Coloured Shulker Box Shulker Box
Carpet White Carpet
Wool White Wool

Learn More and Download[edit | edit source]

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History[edit | edit source]

Version Date Change
1.16 02 May 2021 Released Washing Tanks