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OccupationGM4 Moderator and Developer
Years active2019 - present
Height1.8 Blocks

About Me

Minecraft History

Hello! My name is Michael and I have been playing Minecraft since about 1.6. I started out playing primarily in creative since I did not know any of the crafting recipes and didn't where to start. I would eventually find redstone and spend most of my time playing around with it. Sometime later I would discover commands and command blocks and this is when I really started becoming involved in the more technical side of Minecraft. During this period I took heavy inspiration from "only one command" creations and started working on larger projects which consisted of 40+ command blocks. Eventually Minecraft would add functions and datapacks which made it made the process much easier, thus making my ideas much grander. It wasn't until I joined the Gamemode 4 server that I started learning about loot tables, predicates, function tags, etc. I am happy to have been able to experience all of these additions to Minecraft over time as I feel I have grown along side the game and its mechanics.

Gamemode 4 History

When it comes to my history with Gamemode 4 it gets kind of messy as I am not 100% sure when I found out about Gamemode 4. It was probably from searching up "only one command" creations or more likely when Hermitcraft played with Gamemode 4 modules. The first server I played on was GM4D where I played for a few hours on opening day... and then never played again because I died in a pit of silverfish loosing everything. Even though I am sad I was not able to experience this unique server I am at least happy that my younger, more annoying self, did not have a chance to make a bad first impression. When PSV first opened I played for a few hours with a friend but never really played again after that. That was until some random guy named Kyrkis messaged me on discord. Apparently, I never left the Gamemode 4 discord and some random guy named Kyrkis messaged me on discord because of my bio. After back and fourth he would eventually get me to join the PSV server and I would begin playing consistently until the server closed about a month later. PS6 would be not only my first proper season of Gamemode 4 but my first time ever playing on an SMP server. This was during the beginning of the pandemic so I had a near endless amount of time and I ended up getting the second highest time played on the server (106.87 days). While on the server I really enjoyed making public services such as: decorating spawn pad, cleaning up pathways and adding more vegetation, and my biggest project, the South-East islands, an area that contained many public farms (cactus, pumpkin, melon, and slime) as well as different workstations from the various different modules. Public Server 6 will forever hold a special place in my heart as I met so many great friends and I will forever cherish the memories I created.

I would play on Public Server 7, 8, and 9. However, I wouldn't really play for more than a month due to burnout and just not being as interested in playing survival.

Staff Member

I joined the staff team in June 2021 as a Moderator and Event Developer. The projects I have worked on are:

  • Obsolescence: A capture the monument adventure map produced by Gamemode 4. [cave decor, spooky forest challenge, wave survival challenge, time trial challenge]
  • Public Server 7
    • Stanley's Summer Island was an event that allowed players to access 1.17 blocks. I worked on the NPC's, quest mechanics, and regenerating copper ore veins.
  • Public Server 8
    • For the dragon fight, I worked on the fight phases, PvP mechanics, and tower mechanics.
  • Public Server 9
    • I created the team system which would eventually be discontinued and turned into just a spawn selection system.
    • I developed the Construction Tables which were a block that required a list of items. Once finished they would construct a stall which initially housed the NPC's.
    • For the NPC's I developed the backend system as well as all the dialogue and trades for the NPC's. (Thanathor made the stats mechanic for the Animaulator)
  • Public Server 10
    • I brought back some of the NPC's from the previous season (Quezel the Hatter, Chekz the Relic Hunter, and Pete the Paperboy) with a fresh coat of paint and a ton of new features. This includes multi line conversations, quest based trade unlocks, unique player interactions, built in contract quests, etc.
      • Fun Fact: All NPC's combined have more than 750 lines of dialogue. (chatGPT was both a huge help and major frustration when creating the dialogue)
    • I added an additional patreon reward to the hats where patreons could hand some of them to the Quezel to toggle particle effects when worn.
    • I was in charge of module unlocking so I created various new NPC's that each had a unique set of requirements and different modules to unlock.

Gamemode 4 Modules by MichaelMiner137

Completed (Accepted)

  • Chest Boats: Allows chest minecarts to merge into boats to create a boat with chest.
  • Live Catch: Allows living fish to be caught with fishing rods.

Completed (Denied)

  • Shiny Items: Gives the player the ability to give any item the enchant glint.
  • Trash Cans: Its a trash can. What do you expect?
  • Villager Telltale: Allows the player to easily see which villager is attached to which workstation simply by walking up to a villager while holding a workstation.
  • Rational Villager: Nerf's villager curing so that enchants can't be easily bought in bulk.
  • Sign Inscriber: Allows the for the crafting of signs with text already prewritten on them.

Work In Progress

  • Garden Variety: Adds a variety of new trees with a complex mutation system that allows players to affect the trees growth. [On Hold]
  • Potion Tipping: A rework of potion swords that allows you to apply any potion to any weapon with gold tools allowing multiple effects at once. [On Hold]
  • Sacred Springs: Sacred springs are pools of water scattered throughout the world. Each type giving different effects when either swam in or put into a bottle. [On Hold]
  • Arkana Flora: No Spoilers!

Other Gamemode 4 Work

  • Founder of the NPCA (Neighborhood Parks Conservation Association)
  • Owner of the enchant shop "Knick Knacks"