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Bat Grenades

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[[File:Exploding bat.gif|thumb|Player being killed by an exploding bat]]
If a player approaches a bat, the bat will begin to squeak loudly as a warning. If the player moves closer, the bat explodes, breaking blocks, hurting the player, and killing the bat. The explosion is less powerful than a creeper's, and does little damage to the player and surrounding blocks. When killed, bats will drop 1-3 gunpowder, and has a chance to drop bat leather.
|rowspan="2 " | 1.8
|21 Feb 2014
|Released Bat Grenades
|Fixed death message to say "...was killed by exploding bat" instead of "...was killed by creeper"
|rowspan="7 " | 1.9-1.10|rowspan="3 " | 13 Jan 2016
|Updated for 1.9 command format
|Fixed issue with squeak playsound in SMP worlds
|rowspan="2 " | 04 Jun 2016
|Added "Batboozled" achievement
|Fixed playsound so it originates from the bat not the player
|Win 0.16.1<ref group="note">Not a Java Edition module. The module was recreated for Windows 10 Edition Beta 0.16.1.</ref>
|25 Oct 2016
|Created module for Win 10 Beta
|Updated for 1.12 command format
|rowspan="2 " | 1.13|rowspan="2 " | 19 Nov 2018
|Updated for 1.13 data packs
|Added loot table for bat
|rowspan="2 " | 1.14|rowspan="2 " | 30 Apr 2019
|Updated for 1.14 command format
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