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Bat Grenades

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bat item drops
==Features== <!--T:2-->
If a player approaches a bat, the bat will begin to squeak loudly as a warning. If the player moves closer, the bat explodes, breaking blocks, hurting the player, and killing the bat. The explosion is less powerful than a creeper's, and does little damage to the player and surrounding blocks. When killed, bats will drop 1-3 gunpowder, and has a chance to drop bat leather. ===Bat Leather===Bat Leather is a new item dropped from bats. It can be used in any crafting recipe as a substitute for [[Additions#Bat_Leather|bat leather]Rabbit Hide].
===Technical Details=== <!--T:3-->
The bat will start squeaking when a player is within a seven-block radius.
The explosion created by the bat triggers when a player is within a three-block radius, and is around 1/3 as powerful as a creeper. Minimal damage is caused to blocks and players.
The chance for a bat to drop bat leather is 1/6. The chance for a bat to drop bat droppings is 1/8, if killed by a player.
=== Advancements === <!--T:4-->
=== MC 1.13 Versions === <!--T:11-->
In the 1.13 version, bat would drop [[Additions#Bat_Droppings|bat droppings]], which could be used in any recipe as a substitute for phantom membrane.Bats had a 1/8 chance to drop bat droppings
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