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Public Server V/Portals

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''The following information is based on player speculation and may be incorrect.''  Each [[Public Server V#Spawn Towns|spawn town]] in [[Public Server V|PSV]] has a broken portal.  
== Description ==
|Ender Pearl
|''unknownaverage fuel''
|Eye of Ender
|''unknownmore fuel''
|Enchanted Book
|''unknownmore fuel''
|Phantom Membrane
|''greater fuel''|-|Nether Star|''most fuel''
|Enchanted Golden Apple
|''most fuel''
It appears a phantom membrane will make the portal last six times as long as if an ender pearl was used. It appears that an enchanted Enchanted golden apple is currently apples and nether starts are the most powerful fuel source. The relative fuel values for other fuels are unknown.
== Activated Portals ==
Bureaucrats, emailconfirmed, Interface administrators, staff, Administrators, translation-admin, translator

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