Public Server 6/Platopia/GM4D Statue Book

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A copy of the books placed near the Public Server 6 recreations of the Gamemode 4D admin statues: Sparks, Crazyman47, and Bloo.

Statue of [Admin] This statue is to honor his work on the GM4D server.
Quoted by Bloo: ------------------- These statues were unique and gave the world of gm4d an unexpected amount of liveliness, so here's some backstory to them: (quote continues...)
They were actually an unplanned addition to the server and were added by Special, TransportLayer, and me about 3 hours before the server opened. (quote continues...)
Each one depicts a staff member that helped with gm4d development and honored their invaluable work by portraying an action related to their job on the gm4d team (quote continues...)
Gm4d was a highly confidential project and only a handful of staff members actually knew about it during development (quote ends)